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Woodloft, the name I have given my home, abounds with every kind of mosaic you can imagine. I think the most unusual item that I have chosen to mosaic is my art car, B-dazle, pictured above.

B-dazle in 2000, the year I started my project

Several months later

23,000 beads, bangles and baubles and 6 years later

B-dazle offered me the challenge in mosaic I was looking for. My idea for my next art car is to create a montage over the entire car featuring Roanoke City Market vendors and historic sights.

Fantasy Art Chair

Another fun project was my Fantasy Art Chair. I found a very sturdy chair from a salvage company here in Roanoke, Virginia. Black Dog is one of my favorite places for great 'finds'. I placed tile and a mirror to the back of seat and attached ball roller feet for easy transport. I feel like a queen when I sit in this chair!

Close up view of Fantasy Art Chair

Electric Lady Lamp

This mannequin was in very good shape. I had a carpenter friend wire her for electricity and then I added mirror tile and gold leaf tile I created myself. I'll show how to make this very inexpensive alternative in a later post.

Labyrinth created for my laundry room floor

This was another tedious project. My minature 11 circuit labyrinth is approx 4' in diameter and took several months to finish.

Lady of Shalott sewing center

Goddess Ceremonial Altar

Another Goddess Ceremonial Altar-this one has snake earrings

Last but not least, the stoneware clay planters. I love watching the herbs trail down along the face as the summer progresses. More garden ideas soon!

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