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John Wilson and Suzun Hughes

This year was the 10th Anniversary of the Roanoke, Virginia annual artists tour. I thought you would like to see some of the off-beat artists homes, studios, gardens, artwork, and of course, the artists!

My artist friend, Trish, and I decided to make a complete day of it. There were 11 different studios with about twenty-five artists represented. . This was going to be a real feat to visit all of them between 12:00 and 5:00.

We started in downtown Roanoke with John Wilson and Susan Hughes gallery/studio.

John and Susan moved here from the bay area of San Francisco three years ago and worked diligently on renovating their studio and loft home in the swank loft/gallery area of Campbell Ave.

John creates the sculpture and furniture and Susan does the paintings. John is an artist after my own heart. While they were living in San Francisco, he created seven different art cars. People are always telling me I belong in California when they see my art car, B-dazle. Now I understand why.

Below is a picture of one of John’s sculptures. It looks as though it is floating in the air yet it is heavy steel.

John's iron chain sculpture

Glitzy tile table

I love this table, yet John says it is a one of a kind and he will do no more of them. It apparently was an experiment and difficult to create.

John and Susan are located at 117 W. Campbell Ave. Phone number is 540-529-8455.

Brian Counihan

Just down the street we got to meet Brian Counihan who is from Kilarney, Ireland. He teaches at Community High. What a grand studio he has and a sense of humor to match. His gallery/studio is located at the Studio Art Annex at 209 First Street. His phone number is 540-460-2903

I must remember to ask him what this sculpture is all about.

Inviting doors leading to Ann Bondurant Trinkle's studio

I couldn’t help but be charmed by Ann Bondurant Trinkle, who has just completed her studio on Kirk Avenue. It reminds me so much of the town homes in Merida Mexico, which is located in the Yucatan. Ann has a playful sense of humor and did a wonderful job of making us feel at home. The studio has sturdy doors that lead to a very open concept. Her walls are painted in muted browns and beige tones. Ann has a large array of power tools at her disposal and she uses them well on her wall sculptures.
Ann’s address is 110-B Kirk Avenue and phone number is 540-314-8874

Piano keyboard for deconstruction

One of Ann's fabulous machines

Ann with "Untittled Windows" created with aluminum, lumber, rubber and wood.

In another large gallery on Campbell Avenue, we were able to visit several artists. Ann glover displayed her colorful oilsl on canvas.

Ann Glover's work of oil on canvas

We met Calvert Lafollette and enjoyed seeing his very large paintings which he creates using graphite on BFK paper. Calvert moved here recently from Orlando Florida and says he loves our mountain town.

Calvert Lafollette

Pat West’s paintings are a bit different. They are lively and extremely colorful The magic ingredient that she adds as a finishing touch to her paintings…..believe it or not…is glitter! They sparkle and shine and make you want to bring them home with you.!

Pat West with oil on canvas painting

Steve Mitchell showed his richly glazed pottery. Steve also shows his pottery at Center in the Square Gallery located in the heart of the market area, which is where I show my work.

Potter, Steve Mitchell

I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of C.J. Phillip’s wonderful sculptures because of gallery commitments. It is a shame too because her sculpture is dynamite. Maybe I’ll get a chance to show you her work at another time.

Also, my apologies to Diane Patton. She was busy with customers and I did not want to interrupt her. Diane’s paintings are very popular with locals as well as out of town visitors. It is no wonder. Her acrylic on paper is fascinating.

The address for the gallery is 110 W. Campbell Avenue
540-761-0756 or 540-520-1340

We hurried along and found Ed Dolinger’s amazingly large studio. It is every artists dream. There are extremely high ceilings and it is no wonder. They must accommodate this man and his incredible iron works.

Ed Dolinger

Ed not only is lucky enough to own this beautiful studio but he has 2 others as well. He has a large studio at Hollins University where he teaches sculpture and one in Henry county.

He can be found at 208 Fourth Street and his phone number is 540-460-9968

Hope you are not getting tired from our tour. I know we were at this point. Trish and I trudged onward to the other side of town now to visit the Raleigh Court area. We stopped at studio’s number 6. This is Mary Boxley Burlington’s home. and studio. Three talented artists were showing here. Mary’s home is just full of light and color.

Mary Boxley Bullington

So glad she showed her studio as it is when she is working. Mine is much worse but this at least makes me feel at home.
Mary’s address is: 2242 Westover Avenue and phone number is 540-904-2828

Mary's clip art room

John Wiercloch also had his dynamic mixed media paintings on the porch but he was so busy with customers that we did not get a chance to talk to him.

Sherrye Lantz’s home/studio was the next stop. What a relaxing time we had there visiting with our friend Sherrye, Judy Ayyildiz and Carol and Doug Willoughby.

Sherrye played a video for us highlighting her work from the last twenty or more years. This was accompanied by soothing Native American music.

Sherrye Lantz in home/studio

Here is Sherrye’s fence around her back yard. She glued small tile to the inserts. Very nifty!.

Sherry’s phone number is 540-989-7708.

Sherry's fence

Back on the highway again. This time to Eric Fitzpatrick’s home studio.

All I can say is WOW! If I could have any studio in the world, I would choose Erick's.

Eric Fitzpatrick

Take a look at this. I’m not the only one in Roanoke with an art car. Erick and I are about the only two people to own one. I love his. He parks it right in front of his home. This is a great idea to let his many customers know where his studio is. I park mine in front of my booth at the Farmers Market. Such a great way to be found. Hey, maybe Eric belongs in California too!

Eric's art car

On to Eric's studio

Eric added this very large vaulted studio to the back of his conservative brick home in South Roanoke. Behind the studio is a labyrinth shrubbed garden.

The beauty of the studio is that he has segregated areas to work in many different mediums.

Can you believe this?

Garden behind studio

Paint area

Tool area

Chalk set up

Framing table

Erick’s address is 2306 Richelieu Avenue and phone number is 540-345-7887

Lucy Hazlegrove and Allison Hall showed their work together at Lucy’s beautiful home in South Roanoke. Her phone number is 540-342-8185

Lucy Hazlegrove's paintings

Allison Hall's painting

Next it was down the street to see the outdoor exhibition of 4 other artists.

Jamie Nervo with painting

Jamie can be contacted at 540-529-9235

Photographer Barry Wolfe, just got back from a trip to Luxor, Egypt and had great new photos.

You can e-mail Barry at wolfex2@cox.net

Barry Wolfe

Nan Mahone Wellborn

Nan's phone number is 540-343-9205

Winn Ballengers oils on canvas

We finally reached our last home on the tour where three more talented artists displayed their works. This was the home of Mary Jane Burtch.

Gail Geer’s marble sculpture greeted us, along with Gail, at the front yard. Gail and I always enjoy talking about our trips and classes in Europe.

Here she is with some of her outstanding works.

Gail Geer with marble sculpture

Gail's website is geerscreations.com

We ventured into the garden to see Tom Lawson’s paintings and enjoy his sense of humor.

Tom Lawson's abstracts

Mary Jane Burtch's garden, paintings by Tom Lawson

Mary Jane’s wall sculptures were so moving. Abstracts, maybe, but she also adds a bit of whimsy with her wooden bas-relief characters. Her paintings are bold and colorful and completely match her personality. I have heard so much about her and was glad to meet her for the first time.

Mary Jane Burtch

Mary Jane's poly-chromed assemblages

Mary's work can be viewed at maryjaneburtch.blogspot.com

We made it!..All studios visited.

The artists all said the two day event was successful and sales were made.

I’m so happy for them. I’d love to add my studio to the list but I know I’d be under too much pressure to clean mine. It would take bull dozers.

Trish and I ended the day at 419 West Restaurant where we treated ourselves to the house special. We enjoyed their roasted red grouper with asparagus, crab, spinach and tomato cous cous.

Oh my. What a lovely ending!

Special dinner at 419 West

Congratulations for any of you who have made it all the way through my very long posting!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010



Fresco box, pallet knife oil painting thread box and antique pin cushion.

Look at this stash of old stamps! I found these at my local flea market, Happy’s. Closer observation shows you that most of the stamps are from the USA but there are quite a few from all over the world as well. This find threw my creative juices into high gear. I’m imagining all sorts of uses for them. Boxes, paintings, paper/cloth applications. The sky is the limit.

Vast array of stamps found at the flea market

I used my secco fresco technique that I call fres-gos on this box.

Fresco lid and stamp box

Mostly everything I find at the flea market and antique stores goes straight into my studio.

Here are 4 different storage containers that show off my special finds.

Fresgoed three drawer box

I found a “mood” disc that I attached to the top of this little box. I painted it and attached one of my original stoneware clay faces to it. It is perfect for current day stamps and If I place it just right, the sun comes in behind it and I am treated to a light show on my wall.

Close-up of stamp box

My father used to do a series of paintings by using his pallet knife. When he passed away I received literally dozens of his beautiful paintings. I took this small landscape painting and attached it to one of my boxes. I added ball feet and now use this for leftover thread. I always save my metallic and gold threads for future projects.

Pallet oil painting created by my father, James Galloway, for thread box

The Dysfunctional Family Calendar box is made of paper clay and lots of rustic pieces of fiber found in my studio.

Dysfunctional Calendar Lid

I’ve got many more storage containers that I’ll show at another time.

Maybe you have some unique storage system you’d like to share. Who needs Rubbermaid tubs when we can be creative!

Another note. The very old fashioned black pin cushion was one that my father made when he was in the 8th grade. When he passed away, my mother gave it to me. She knew how much l love old treasured pieces hand made by my father.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010




"Blooming Spirit"

SOLD-Thank you Dawn!

This is the third in my encaustic wax collage series. I must say, I think I have finally honed in on the style I want to use in this series. I created “Blooming Spirit” by using some of the flowers from my garden that I had dried a few years ago. I used mostly roses, baby’s breath and some odds and ends. I painted the face with oils and used several different gels and glazes, some acrylics too. I then placed encaustic wax over the flowers to preserve and added gold highlights. She is 11"w x 22" h.

Close-up detail

Here is the story I have given her, taken from my book , She Who Whispers.

“Blooming Spirit”

Her home was far away and she longed for the roots that had for so long held her life together; friends, family and familiar surroundings. Time passed as she quietly endured her sorrow. Finally, she rejoiced, for her soul, who knew far more than she, revealed a great truth: “Change is growth, you must bloom where you are planted.”
~Cheryl Dolby~

Another close-up

I have just placed her on Etsy for you to view there. She can be purchased on etsy or you can contact me directly through my e-mail. I take all credit cards, including, MC, Visa, AExpress and Discover. I also accept checks.

Hope you like her.

View from the bottom

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