Tuesday, August 4, 2015



Garlic Queen at Roanoke City Market

My reign as garlic queen is over for the year. Last year I practiced how to produce beautiful, tasty garlic and did pretty well but this year, I actually had a large enough harvest that allowed me to sell my braids and other specialty items. The big hit was my Magic Garlic Sprinkles. I sold out for three weekends in a row at our farmers market. I found out that it is not easy being a farmer. Weather is unpredictble and there is no way to rush a harvest. One thing I am working on now is to improve my soil organically by adding eggshells, bone meal, manure and compost. Next year I am planning a lot of surprises and hope to have the best harvest yet. I'll be growing quite a bit of French garlic, which has surprisingly large bulbs and is very potent! Please double click on images for a much better picture.

Hardneck Garlic Braid

Regular Softneck Garlic Braid

My Two Different Jars of Magic Garlic Sprinkles Which Will Be Available Again Next Summer

Close-up of Garlic Sprinkles

Side View of Keeper

I created my “Keeper of the Sacred” and placed her in my garlic booth. For my duration as Garlic Queen, she became the Keeper of the Sacred Garlic but she really is a large Burning Bowl. I love the idea of writing down on paper all the problems I want to leave my life, placing in the bowl and then setting them on fire. Poof! They are gone. "Keeper" is 7" wide by 9" deep x 15" high. I used glazed and distressed stoneware clay. A small candle can be placed in the raku holder above for when you are not holding a burning bowl ceremony. I am offering her at $185 in honor of my first garlic harvest and sale. (Normally a piece this size would run about $300.) Even though I used my kiln fired stoneware clay, she is lighter than she looks and can easily be shipped. If you are interested, please e-mail me and we can go from there. I take personal checks or Paypal.


Close-up of Keeper.

Back View

Close-up of Bowl

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