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Catherine Marie-Teacher and Healer

It seems that many people who travel to Sedona, Arizona, go there hoping to have some sort of a metaphysical experience. I can’t say that I am the exception because when my friend, Leslie, invited me to stay at her condo in Prescott, which is about an hour’s drive from Sedona, I was eager to see if my clairvoyant aptitude would kick in.

As a surprise for us, Leslie lined up her dear friend Catherine who is a psychic reader, to provide a reading for Trish, my traveling sidekick, and me. Neither of us had ever been to a reader before and were excited about this new experience.

Catherine has been giving readings for quite a number of years. She had us draw cards and ask questions. The answers were meaningful and gave insight into my life. Having lived in the area for most of her life, Katherine had many interesting stories to tell.

Leslie Standing In Tumbleweed In Front Of Granite Mountain

We learned that there were many UFO sightings in Prescott in the area of Granite Mountain. Naturally, I had go there and see the mountain first hand. I also did a little investigating by asking questions of the employees of a quick mart kind of place that sat right at the foot of that mountain. I was told by two people at the cash register, that they had never seen a saucer there. I turned to look at a woman standing in line who was laughing heartily. At first I thought she was making fun of me for asking about saucers, and then, she exclaimed, “I have seen many, many saucers in this area. They are more prevalent in the area by the river but believe me, they are here.” I asked her what they looked like and she just said that there were all kinds and each looked different. We didn’t have time to follow the gravel road that led to the river to investigate but I vowed that next time I’m ever in that area, it will be top on my list.

Jamie-Intuitive Aura Reader

Next stop was Sedona. It seems that on every corner of Sedona, there is a psychic reader. One of us said, “shall we have our auras read?” and we all voted yes. It was this spontaneous action that led us to Jamie She does what is called Intuitive aura reading by using a Biofeedback Imaging Camera. She captures our electromagnetic energy field. In other words, our aura. What fun it was to see and hear the results of those pictures. Mine and Leslie’s were bright red. Jamie said it meant, among other things, we were industrious women who needed to be creating constantly. Trish’s aura said that she had angels surrounding her. I kiddingly told her that the angels being referred to had to have been all of us! LOL…Katherine’s aura showed that she was a healer. There were many more details but I can’t remember them.

Trish, Leslie, Catherine And Yours Truly With Aura Photos

We also enjoyed a panoramic view of the rocks from the Sedona airport and from a Cliffside restaurant. I didn’t feel anything particular while viewing the rocks, outside of sheer reverence for these spectacular boulders, but a man sitting next to us seemed very upset. When the waitress asked him if he was having a problem, he told her that he was very distressed and had an uneasy feeling sitting there. He actually left the restaurant before being served.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

We visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross Designed by Anshen @ Allen which is a City of Sedona Landmark. It's amazing how the chapel is blended into the rocks. You have to do a double take to even find it.

The Famous Bell Rock

Although I did not experience any extrasensory activity coming from the area, I did feel pretty drained on the drive back to Prescott. It was as if the vortex had sapped all of my energy. I did, however, become excited and inspired by the artwork I saw while there.

Chili Peppers Hang from Roof at Silver Son West Gallery

Sycamore Trees at Tlaquepaque

Southwest Architecture

Horse Sculpture at Tlaquepaque

Chapel at Tlaquepaque

Back in Prescott, we visited stained glass artist, Lenore DeRosa, who is creating a mirror for Leslie. Leslie chose a vivid green opalescent glass for leaves and light pink for water lily. Colored glass gems with all the colors of the chakra will be added to the dragonfly. This will be a masterpiece when finished. Lenore's telephone number is 928-776-4288 and her address is 229 N. Marina #D, Prescott, Arizona 86301.

Leslie and Lenore with Stained Glass Water Lily in Progress

Lenore with "John the Baptist"

Granite Dells

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Friday, March 16, 2012



Our Model, Egypt, Pictured With My Sculpture Of Her

I’ve just returned from a sculpting session with the famous Philippe Faraut! When I heard that Philippe was to teach a class in Sarasota, Florida, I hopped on a plane and joined the group of students who eagerly tried to absorb all that they could in an effort to perfect their craft from this master.

Lunch With Some Of The Students

Philippe has an impressive background with includes working in forensics. When I asked him to tell me a bit about it, he said “It is like working with a puzzle. You are so happy when you finally put the pieces together and are able to solve something.” Philippe teaches mainly in his studio just outside Rochester, NY and in the southern part of France each summer.

Here I Am, Hard At Work On My Sculpture

Our model, Edith, was probably the best I’ve ever used for sculpting a figure in clay. She maintained different poses tirelessly without complaint and took few breaks. Two lovely women in the class decided that the perfect name for Edith was, Egypt. We continued to call her that throughout the 3 days that she modeled for us and she said it seemed to fit and she loved it.

Philippe Giving A Demonstration In Portrait Sculpting

Ringling College Of Art And Design, Founded in 1931 By Circus Magnate, John Ringling

Even though I teach a class in sculpture myself, I feel it is important to constantly try to learn new methods and to hone my skills. I added more geometry and working in planes to my expertise and plan to pass tips along to my own students this summer for my FIGURE CLASS. I have one space left in that class and 3 left in my FACES CLASS to be held in July. Hope you will decide to venture to Roanoke, Virginia and bask in scenery of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway while attending my 7 day, all –inclusive class.

You can visit Philippe’s website by clicking here.

Another View Of Unfinished Sculpture-Student, Ann, In Background

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