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Zesty Carrots

I’ve mentioned in other posts that my mother-in-law was a gourmet cook. “Bana,” as we called her, belonged to 30 clubs! She was a real honest to goodness club woman. Attending thirty club meetings a year must have kept her in meetings and in the kitchen quite a bit, since everyone brought “pot luck” dishes to these meetings. “Pot luck” does not describe accurately the type of food they all enjoyed. Each woman brought recipes they experimented with and seemed to be in competition with one another as to who could make the best. I was the lucky recipient of this treasure trove of recipes.

Carrots Arranged in Casserole

When she made “The Carrots That Carrot Haters Love” for the first time, Bana said. “I want everyone to try these carrots because people love them, even if they don’t like carrots, especially children.” The kids loved to repeat that statement to their friends whenever I would serve them through the years. It definitely was one of our favorite vegetable casseroles.

After Baking

I attended a Summer Solstice party last weekend.. Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. It is a time to use fresh vegetables from our early gardens. My Zesty Carrots was the perfect potluck to bring along. Carrots are soooo good for you. One cup of carrots are equal to only 52 calories. They are low in saturated fat, have no cholesterol, high in dietary fiber, manganese, niacin, potassium, thiamin, Vit. B6 and Vitamin C. It has all the functions of vitamin A for vision. It’s anti-oxidant properties help prevent cancer.


The extra “kick”added to the recipe is horseradish. That's the zesty part. The horseradish gives it just the right amount of tartness and works well to balance the natural sugar in the carrots. I always serve them warm but find they are also very good cold as a late night snack.


Serves 6 8 large carrots ¼ cup water (from carrot pan) 2 t. grated onion 2 T. horseradish ½ t. salt ½ cup mayonnaise ½ t. pepper ¼ cup fine bread crumbs or cracker crumbs 1 T. butter

l. Cook and spread 8 carrots that have been cut into lengthwide strips in a baking dish. 2. Mix and pour over carrots: 2 T. horshradish, ½ t. salt, 2 T. grated onion, ¼ cup water from carrots, ½ cup mayonnaise, ½ t. pepper. 3. Top with a mixture of : ½ cup breadcrumbs, 1 T. softened butter 4. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes. Garnish with parsley. I almost always double this recipe.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013


Close-up of Timekeeper

Thank you Deb!

I named her Timekeeper because the story that I had previously written seemed perfect for her. It’s the soulful look on her face that made me think she was contemplating change. I used one of my original stoneware clay faces, horsehair, which was taken from the tail, an old purse from Africa (I think) , which I repurposed into a backing, two ancient looking cloths for her garment and a pin and necklace for embellishments. She is 8” wide by 5” deep by 36 “ long including garment.

Another View

Here is her story. I hope you agree that it suits her perfectly.


There were three doors opening in her life, the doors of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday appeared to be only an illusion, tomorrow a vision. both were vague and nebulas. Today was a place she could not bear to be. The choice was at hand. The voice of intuition began to speak to her and somehow, she knew in her heart that all time Is simultaneous…the first cry also being the last..for there Is only now. By dealing with life in the present, she could begin to remove some of the scars of the past and thus change her future. With a renewed sense of the importance of now.. and a recharged inner essence..she entered the door of today, where a new world awaited her.

~Cheryl Dolby~

Close-up of Antique Canvas

I think Timekeeper would add an air of mystery to any environment. I have priced her at $115. You can view on Etsy
or contact me directly by e-mail. Thanks so much for viewing.

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Monday, June 17, 2013


Large Grandmother Tree number 1

Thank you Barbara!

Some of you may have seen earlier posts of my Grandmother Tree wall sculptures. The idea came to me when I saw a beautiful piece of driftwood and just knew I could convert it into a tree sculpture. A new series was created. Through the years, the trees have taken the form of tall standing sculptures, large Malaleuca Tree bark wall sculptures and various sized driftwood wall sculptures.

Close-up of Number 1 Grandmother Tree

I just finished two Grandmother Trees. Grandmother Tree number 1 is 5” wide by 25” high and 4” deep. I’ve added a lotus pod, reindeer and other moss and a beautiful peacock feather along with the original stoneware clay face and driftwood.

Grandmother Tree Number 2

Grandmother Tree number 2 is 5”w x 12” high by 4”deep. an and also has a lotus pod, peacock feather, tree bark, driftwood and one of my original faces.

Below is the story I have given to my Grandmother Tree series:

Grandmother Tree”

The trees are alive! She wandered into the garden early one morning and she heard them speak to one another.. It was a language spoken on another another vibrational time frame. They spoke of healing with power and energy and of the relationship between energy and matter. She was drawn to an ancient Chinese Elm and as she leaned her body next to the base, somehow she felt immersed in the tree and felt herself slip into the tree..was one with the tree and knew that she was the tree.....

~Cheryl Dolby~

I’ve just placed both trees for sale on Etsy (tree number 1) Etsy (tree numbr 2) where you can view more pictures and purchase or you can also purchase directly from me by contacting me through my e-mail

Thanks so much for viewing.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Front View

Sold. Thank you Angela!

Whenever I finish a piece that has an ocean theme, I name her Oceana. The reason is because the words in the poem I have written titled “Oceana” states exactly how I feel about the ocean. It surprises me that I live on a hilltop deep in the heavily forested Blue Ridge Parkway, and not by the sea. None the less, once a year I must go there to get my ‘fix.’ Incidentally, right now I have never seen the Roanoke Valley look any greener. It has rained daily and the leaves on the trees are full and dense looking and absolutely beautiful.

Close-up of Face

When I finished sculpting the face on this burning bowl, I knew she must be one of my Oceanas. She has a longing, a homesick kind of expression..sort of like she is yearning to be sitting on the shore and hearing the waves crashing in, talking to her, and making her whole again.

My Oceana features stoneware clay and various ocean pieces I have collected on my journeys to the sea. I always invite my customers to add items to my pieces of art from their own trips to the sea, or to add items meaningful to them in some way.

Close-up of Shells

Oceana is priced at $68 and is 11” h x by 5” w x 5” deep. You can view more images of her on Etsy where I have just placed her for sale or to contact me directly by e-mail and we will go from there.

View of Back


As she was standing at the edge of the ocean she could hear the waves chanting their familiar song. “Come to me, I am greater than you, I am wiser than you..I am the one.” She resisted once again. How long could she continue to resist… How much longer before she embraced her larger self, her destiny, her soul… ..the sea….

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