Monday, May 25, 2009



Strawberry Mango Yum Yum in champagne glass

Hand-stamped recipe I create for my children and others

In a quest to serve something refreshing for dessert for our Memorial Day celebration, I turned, once again, to my chef friend, Stratton Wayne St. Clair. Wayne frequently visits my booth at the Roanoke City Market on Saturdays to share one of his culinary creations. This week was no different. He offered me his recipe for Strawberry Mango Yum Yum. I asked him how he came up with the name for this dessert. He told me he has made it several times, and everyone who tastes it says, "yum, yum." I wanted to find out if I could get the same reaction.

Strawberries and mango with sorbet

Cam says, "Yum."

Beth says, "Yum."

Mikayla says, "Yum, Yum."

Before and after - it worked!

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