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Goddess Vessel number 1 - "The Alchemist" Dimensions:9x9" Holds 2 or 3 Small Cups of Tea Price: $89.00

Enchantment found it’s way to the table where the Goddess Ceremonial Tea Vessel was placed. Three friends gathered to help initiate a healing. The pungent herbal aroma from the mysterious vessel containing the special roots and herbs chosen fresh from the garden permeated the air. The elixir was steeped to perfection and the cups were filed. Each Goddess inhaled the scent of the tisanes which opened their sensory perception as they gazed at the fascinating original clay Goddess face that was sculpted into the vessel. All were oblivious to their surroundings and time was lost to antiquity as they partook of this special potion, all the while awaiting for the magic to unfold.

Goddess Vessel number 2 - "She Who Knows Her Own Sacred Sound." Dimensions: 7 x 41/2" Holds 1 large cup of tea Price: $58.00

My tea vessels are each an original. I hand sculpt them using stoneware clay. The Goddess faces are sculpted in the bas-relief method. I used a lead free glaze on each vessel.

I can envision a Goddess tea party using sacred teas for ceremony.

Goddess Vessel number 3 - "Healing Woman" Dimensions: 9 x 7" Holds 2 large mugs or 3 cups of tea Price: $89.00


To brew tea:

The best way to brew tea for vessel is to place cold water in another microwavable container. Heat water and then pour into vessel in which either tea bags or a tea strainer or tea ball has been placed. Place lid back on and allow to steep for 5 minutes or so. Serve. The lids are an integral part of the vessel. Be sure to hold the lid as you pour the tea.

Goddess Vessel number 4 - "She Who Follows The Path of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Dimensions: 7x3 1/2" Holds one large cup of tea Price: $58.00

Care of Tea Vessel:

Because of the various embellishments placed into the vessel, it is best not to place in dishwasher or microwave but instead use the tea vessel to steep and serve. I have used lead free glaze on the interior of each pot so that it is safe to drink the tea and after finishing, running hot water inside the pot releasing any tea having lodged there is all that is needed to keep sanitary.

All Four Tea Vessels

If you would like to purchase one of my tea vessels, please e-mail me and we can go from there. I like to use Paypal but checks are ok too.

Thank you so much. The vessels were a long time in the making with much experimentation. Who knows where they will go from here. I’m very satisfied with them and will continue to embellish future tea vessels in the same manner for awhile.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014



I'll bet you are wondering what this picture is all about

For those of you who are new to my blog, I must tell you that each winter I feature a post of a wonderful all inclusive vacation I take in Mexico. How cruel of me right? This year, the all inclusive had a few surprises. The food was wonderful as was the ‘work out’ room. The people at the ‘resort’ were also amazing, friendly and efficient. I did, however, have to trade my usual margarita’s for narcotic drugs. All in all, it was an experience I will never forget!

Yours Truly with Marti Gras-b-dazled walker to match my car

Now, I am sure I have your attention! Where I really went in January was to Roanoke Memorial Hospital,for my very first operation. I apparently danced, ran, jumped, hop scotched, worked and played far too much since the cartilage in my left knee completely disappeared and I was forced to have a complete knee replacement.

Canes I b-dazzled to match my car, walker and shoes

I didn’t want to post of it till I was sure I was brave enough to go through with it. I always talked about being bionic and now I’ve begun the journey. I heard so many horror stories before the operation that I was just sure I would back down, but then, the pain in my knee forced me to face the situation and go forth. All went very smooth and I have advanced from a walker to two canes.

Canes to match my car, walker, shoes and chair~you see it goes on and on!

Some of my friends surprised me on the market, where I show my work, with a b-dazled walker to match my car, B-dazle. Since they look so good together, I decided to b-dazle my canes as well. Many thanks to Tom, Diane, Wayne, Rebecca, Stephanie and Leigh Ann for the fabulous job they did in creating the ‘talk of the Rehab center’ where I stayed for 2 weeks after the operation. All of the other patients kept asking if they could have their canes, walkers and crutches b-dazled and wondered why I was ‘special.’ We named my walker "Marti Gras" since she is covered with the beads worn there. I also want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who work at Brandon Oak rehab center here in Roanoke. It is an amazing place and I really did have wonderful food and care.

Since doctors orders were to slow down and not do much artwork, (a very difficult task for me since my mind thinks art all the time) I relaxed and pampered myself with reading. I love to read but usually have to restrict it to bedtime since I’m so busy. Well, I read 7 books and still counting. Most of the books were about my beloved Italy. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood and love Italy so very much. It was like eating potato chips..I’d go to Amazon, google one Italian book only to see many more featured.

Since I haven’t completed enough new work to show on my blog, I thought you might like to hear a brief critique a few of the books. So here goes:

"Breathing Into Stone" by Joel Kirkpatrick

How I loved this book. Being a sculptor, it touched my heart in surprising ways. The story takes place in the tiny village of Receto in the foot hills of the Apuan Alps. I felt as though I was walking the hillside path far above the village each day on my way to a special home in the woods that I shared with my father. My father was a sculptor and I, being his daughter could not understand why he would not let me touch the stone indicative to the area. I spent each night viewing his work with only the moonlight to guide my footsteps around the sculpture workshop. I loved the feel of marble dust on my feet and went barefoot for that reason most of the time.

This is a book most artists will feel at home with. Hope you like it. PS: I find it hard to believe that an Irishman wrote this book!

The second book I would like to recommend is called “A Footpath in Umbria.” By Nancy Solak

I guess I gravitated to this book because I spent some time in Umbria when I took a month long sculpture class there. I stayed in Perugia. Even though it is the capitol of the region, it was still quaint and I figure 20 years behind the states. They are also responsible for some of the best candy in the world. The village of Citta di Castello is the setting for this book. The author points out that it is not the year in Provence of Peter Mayle kind of book but a year that she and her husband spent with all the drama, comedy, exasperations and experiences in real life.

Solak writes a realistic story and had me laughing at her antics as she experienced a very different kind of journey. I loved that she talked about how the Italian men always honk at pedestrial women..she felt like a teenager the whole time there. I remember feeling the same way when I was there. I love her philosophy and humor. One of the philosophies she gives is that she finally has learned that after 50 years old, it is better to be nice than right. If you need a good laugh or you are looking for a unique armchair travel adventure..this is the book for you!

The last Italian adventure book is called "A Villa in Tuscany" by Charley Wood.

I love to cook and the book has as it’s focus a cooking school in Tuscany. I felt like I was there kneading the dough and throwing it at the bin that goes especially to the ‘maile.’Translation: The pigs. The book is a fast read and features a recipe I absolutely must try after hearing all the oohs and awwwhs it received. It’s called Rotolo di Zucca e Ricotta. I googled it and it certainly is not easy to make but might be well worth it..Hey, I’ll post it sometime (if it turns out!)

I’ll be back soon with a new blog post and hopefully with at least one of my brand new series.

Ciao for now~

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