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6 different kinds of onions placed on my teak cutting board with an oil on wood painting by my father, James Galloway, in the background

Chef Stratton Wayne St. Clair wandered into my booth at the Roanoke Farmer’s Market on Saturday (ya gotta love him if only for his sophisticated name). I am always excited when I see him because I know he is going to share one of his original creative recipes with me. Several months ago, he gave me the recipe for his "6 Onion Soup." I didn’t think anything could be as good as the onion soup I had discovered in Saint Louis at Famous-Barr department store. Once a month, I would take my children there from our home in Lake St. Louis to enjoy the store's soup and its equally famous peppermint chocolate milkshakes. Our first stop was always the bookstore and then it was off to Famous-Barr for lunch. I was surprised and delighted to find that this recipe is even better than the onion soup there. Here it is. Famous Barr -- eat your heart out!

One of the hand-stamped recipes I make for my children

All 6 onions simmering in the pot

Here is the finished product. I had to hurry to snap a picture of it because it disappears so quickly.

6 Onion Soup

This soup is smooth and subtle. No single onion stands out over the others. The flavors mesh marvelously. It is hard to believe that there is no flour or butter added to this recipe.

Chef St. Clair has offered me another recipe that he thought I might like for my Memorial Day celebration later this week. It is called “Strawberry Mango Yum Yum.” I am anxious to try it. If it proves to be as yummy as he says it is, I’ll include it in next week’s "Food for Thought" recipe.

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