Monday, November 5, 2018

Burning Bowls!

Burning Bowls Finally Available!

Burning Bowl #1 Front

Hello everyone! New Burning Bowls are finally ready. I broke my upper arm recently but fortunately, I had already sculpted and fired them. They are each 9” h x 4” deep and 4” wide, approximately. I use stoneware clay and fire to high temperature to accommodate the stained glass basin. I haven’t changed the price on them so still $68. You can let me know if you would like one by e-mailing me at and we can go from there. I accept Paypal or personal checks. Many of you already have one but they make lovely gifts.

Burning Bowl #1 Back

Burning Bowl #2 Front

Burning Bowl #2 Back

Burning Bowl #3

Burning Bowl # 3 Back

Burning Bowl #4 Front

Burning Bowl #4 Back

Burning Bowl #5 Front

Burning Bowl #5 Back

Burning Bowl #6 Front

Burning Bowl #6 Back

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Journey Through the Sands of Time

Finally! My new novel, Morocco, A Journey Through the Sands of Time, is up and running on Amazon. Maybe that will explain, partly anyway, why I have taken so long to get back to posting. Chocolate sales took off, I broke my arm etc..I know. Lots of excuses but I’m back in full swing now. Or should I say, full sling?

When I returned from Morocco over a year ago, some of you might remember that I posted lots of pictures. What a country. Although there were many different aspects I could have covered in my book, I was drawn to the myth of the very young Berber lovers who cried lakes. Since it is a myth, there really wasn’t much to go on research wise. When I saw the lakes of Tislit and Isli shimmering at the bottom of the Middle Atlas Mountains, I somehow knew I wanted to write the lover’s story.

You can go to and key in Morocco, Cheryl Dolby to purchase the book. It is available in e- book form and paperback. If you’d like a preview, just click on the book where it says “peek inside” and you can read a few chapters. Hope you like it.

Stay tuned, in the next post I will be showing you a new way I found to cook delicious meals. You can even make them with one hand, as I’ve had to learn to do. Also, I will be posting several of my Goddess Burning Bowls soon.

Once again, thank you for viewing and I hope you like the new book.


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Tuesday, February 6, 2018



Password Keeper: "Butterfly Goddess" $38.

No matter how hard I try to keep my passwords in one place, it just doesn’t seem to work. I decided to create "Password Keepers." Now my passwords are safe in my keeper and I always know where to find them.

Password Keeper: "Spring Goddess" $38.

I made one for myself and a few extra ones for those of you who might be interested. Since it took a long time to do original passport journals, they are priced a bit higher than the regular journals I made with same images. The journals are actually art journals but the sky is the limit for other uses. I used various items for the original password journals including crackle glaze and embellishments and on the regular journals, I took image and used encaustic wax, yarn and other embellishments. They are standard size- 8 ½ high by 6 ½ wide with beautiful thick black leather like covers and large rings. The pages inside journals are white artists paper for sketching or writing.

Close-up of inside of Password Keeper

Price for Password journals is $38. and for regular journals $34. If you are interested in purchasing. Just e-mail me and we can go from there. If the link doesn't work for you, address is Also, I have just added several pieces to my revolving Etsy shop which is located on the top right hand corner of my blog. I will be adding more as I finish pieces. Thanks so much.

Be sure to use a pencil when you enter your passwords (you know how they change and you will have a beautiful Goddess Keeper for years to come.

Password Keeper: "Snowflake Goddess" $38.

Sold. Thank you Diane!

Purple Passion Journal $34.

Butterfly Journal $34.

Frida Journal $34.

Grandmother Tree Journal $34.

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