Monday, November 28, 2011




Yet another sculpture to match my B-dazle car! I can’t help it. I love that beaded look. Below are her specifics.

Back Side of Ariel

Ariel is a completely original sculpture that I have just finished created this morning. I used stoneware clay for her body and fired her in a kiln to a high temperature for durability. I added seed beads to her surface for a glitz factor. She is 11"deep x 12"H x12"wide. She will be at home in a contemporary or eclectic surrounding.


Close-up of Beadwork

She's comfortable on my Fantasy Art Chair

Here is the story I have written for her:


Ribbons of light were drifting on the
wings of the wind
Cosmic rhythms beating unmercifully, began
to reveal to her the secrets of
her heart.
She began to feel infinite love, wisdom and
energy in the universe. She had finally connected
with her higher self and she knew she
was a radiant being, filled with light
And love

~Cheryl Dolby~

Ariel is for sale I listed her on e-bay and is also on my Etsy shop. You can also e-mail me directly for more details.

Thanks so much!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Santos Caged Doll


Benedetta, Santos Caged Doll

I CREATED A SAINT! It’s true. Benedetta, is the first in my Santos series. I thought this name to be appropriate since it means, blessed in Italian. It wasn’t very long ago that I first heard about Santos dolls and since then I notice they seem to be appearing everywhere. After completing a full fledged study about them, I was hooked.


Santos, in Spanish, means saint. They represent a Spanish Colonial and European style and originated as copies of 17th century carvings created by priests. They were created as altars for villagers who were not able to travel a long distance to attend a church. They are a bit like Creche figures, which were created by the Italians.

The dolls were brought to Latin America and America during the Colonial age and used to help convert the Native Americans to Catholicism. The people who create the Santos dolls are called Santeros or Saint Maker. Not a bad occupation I’d say. Who wouldn’t want to be a maker of saints?

Wooden base-skirt with beads

Santos dolls usually held flowers, bibles, jewelry or bird nests in their bases and dangling from the neck and arms. Sometimes they are left unadorned, allowing for a statement to be made.

Full length shot

I hand sculpted my original santos in stoneware clay, including arms, torso and head. I added the sparkle of faceted beads and texture to her torso. Beaded hinges hold her arms in place. She is 24” tall and is priced at $245. Benedetta can be seen at my shop. You can also e-mail me to make arrangement to purchase. I take all major credit cards and Paypal. Shipping prices will vary with location but I can ship anywhere in the world.

I’m really happy with the way she turned out. She is the first in my Santos series. Even though she is not an original created by the Santeros of old, she is a new original, not a reproduction.

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Monday, November 14, 2011



Number 1 brochure

Those of us who grew up in the 50’s remember a special time of freedom. There are many nostalgic e-mails going around about how we, as children of the 50’s had an ideal kind of life back then. We would leave the house in the morning with our parents calling out to us,“be home before dark.” This was entirely true. Not only did we leave for the day but our parents couldn’t even reach us. Phones were attached to walls in those days. We were free! Often they’d ask us to lock the doors when we came in at night. Our door was a screen with a little hook latch.

Number 2 brochure

We bought ice cream drumsticks at our local Italian market, Joe’s, for .04 cents and rummaged through the basically unwrapped nut topped ice cream cone, peeking inside the thin, open paper and sometimes even feeling inside, to find the largest one. We would then hand Joe 2 glass ‘pop’ bottles for our refund totaling 04. cents.

There were no TV’s because, because even though they were just invented, most families could not afford to own one. We opted for the radio with programs like, The Green Hornet and Sky King or even, if we dared, The Shadow.

Number 3 brochure

The decades flew past and before we knew it, we landed in the year 2012. That’s a long stretch from graduation in 1962!

The reason for all this lamenting over the past is because our class of 1962 is about to have our 50th reunion in August of 2012. I must tell you, this is not just any class but a very special one, held together by a very special woman, Virginia Nagy Hall. She created a class newsletter which is comical as well as informative. In the newsletter, which she sends out once a month, she lists class members who are having special health problems and gives encouragement all the while filling us in on current events of classmates. She even started a facebook page for all of us to follow one another. She holds a ‘girl’s’ annual Christmas party and through her encouragement the ‘fellows’ have followed suit. We are all so thankful for Virginia.

Virginia Nagy Hall. Doesn't she look fiesty in her 50's garb?

With the upcoming reunion, there are many things that must be done. Securing facilities for our almost 500 class members and guests is no small chore. There are monies to sort through and a variety of other jobs. Among them, the task of creating a brochure listing all of the class members, including children, grandchildren, hobbies, world travels etc. Jennifer Anderson McGarry was gracious in volunteering for the job. This is a tedious undertaking which involves compiling a lot of facts. Now, finally, the purpose for this posting. Jennifer has asked me if I could come up with a cover for the brochure. My immediate response was a “Yes.” Of course, I am honored to help out with this. But now I’d like to ask a favor of my dear blog buddies and followers. I’ve come up with 3 samples so far for covers which I feel are descent but I’d like your opinion as to which one would be best suited. (Our school colors are red, white and black) I was thinking it might be a good idea to create one with a layered digital effect. By this I mean the misty, surreal look that digital artists achieve. Quite frankly, I don’t know how to do this! The effect might look good on the one with the female in the middle. She is supposed to be looking like she is remembering our time back in the 50’s. Then again, maybe I should have a male in that picture too? I’m wondering if I can give them a ‘ghostlike’ effect, sort of like they are going back to their past.

I look forward to your much needed and appreciated thoughts and advice on this subject. Thanks so much!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011




Nefertiti Egyptian Planter

I’ve been sculpting away every day trying to get ready for next spring’s Goddess planter presentation. Last year, as I noted in a previous posting, I sold out of the planters after a few showings and wished I had started a few months earlier. I usually start in January.


The planters have taken on lots of new twists this time around. I’m even doing theme type Goddesses. My Egyptian planter is a first. Although most of my planters can be left outdoors all summer, Nefertiti must be kept inside or in a screened porch area because of the cloth draping around her body.

Side view

It would probably be a good idea to invest in a snake like plant to go along with the Egyptian theme for when I show her in the spring.

I’ll be teaching how to make planters and Goddess standing sculptures at my class next July. There are 3 spaces left with only a deposit required at this time to hold your place. Please check out the Faces class for all information on my residential sculpture classes.

Another side view

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