Sunday, May 10, 2009


Not wanting to be left eating everyone else’s technological dust, I decided this was the year to create my own blog. My son, Cameron, helped me get it started. After two weeks of almost daily blogging, I am hooked.

When I logged onto my computer to get ready for the day’s blog this morning, Cam surprised me with a Mothers’ Day blog. Not only was it touching, but there was an added benefit. Sometimes, Cam is a very private individual – at least, he is as far as Mom’s concerned. Until today, I didn’t even know his blog address. Now, I can tune in daily and find out a little about what he’s up to without having to give him the third degree.

I was pleased that Cam displayed one of my recipes on his blog since I am working on a cookbook for him and his brother, Charlie. I have already created one for my daughters, Kelli and Kirsten. I’m planning to start writing a food blog once a week entitled, “Food for Thought.” I’m very excited about it since I love to cook as much as I love making art. I want to share recipes that have been gathered and handed down from some of the best chefs in the world.

Cam’s blog may be found at .

Here is his Mothers’ Day gift to me:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

A tribute to Mom and how she inspired me over the past few years....

I always love the herbs and fresh vegetables that Mom uses while cooking some of my favorite dishes.

Cooking has become something that I have really started to enjoy, and buying herbs at the grocery is just not getting it done, so here is my first attempt at a garden:

How's your garden growing?

So far, I have planted beans, zucchini, basil, parsley, oregano, and of course rosemary for the steaks and lamb chops. They are all starting to sprout except for the rosemary.

I believe that people see cooking as either a job, or an art. I really love spending time making some of my newly created dishes as well as some of the ones that Mom gave me - here is one that I made last night:

Asian inspired sesame chicken salad

I even created my own cookbook!

A good glass of wine is a must while putting together one of these fantastic dishes - Mom has a great wine cellar at Woodloft, and as I needed a place to store my wine, I built this wine rack:

At $3 a bottle, I am going to need a bigger storage space!

I think Mom and I could agree that this would be an ideal wine cellar:

My next project

I have really grown to appreciate art and some of Mom's work. Here is one of my favorite's:

And another that Mom got in France as a gift for me:

Thanks for the inspiration Mom! Hope you are enjoying your day

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