Friday, May 15, 2009



Assortment of items used to create purse

Last Saturday, my friend, Trish, came by my booth at the Farmers market in Roanoke and offered me a black purse that she no longer wanted. She thought I might be able to use it in my work. After examining the fabric, even though I knew this was an expensive purse (Trish only buys the best), I did not think I could incorporate it into one of my sculptures. The texture of the fabric did not seem conducive to the creation of anything I could fabricate for one of my tall standing figures.

During the week, my mind kept drifting to the purse. I didn’t want to have to donate it to Goodwill, but I knew I would never carry it because I have been accustomed to wearing a "fanny pack" through necessity. Years of exhibiting at art shows and on the market have taught me that I must keep my money close to my body for security purposes. After eliminating all possibilites of using the purse in my sculpture, I started asking myself questions. Why did I have to use it in my sculpture? Why couldn’t it just be a purse?


I took out one of the quilted batik faces that I normally use in the Quilted Art Journals and assembled some interesting embellishments from my studio. I quilted and embroidered the face, glued old European coins and other embellishments to the surface. I used a Goddess pendant to replace the zipper pull and attached small antique keys to it.



I am glad I gave this orphaned purse a new life. All too often, we tend to give away or throw away items that are no longer usable. If more people would stop and think about how that item might be used in a different way or repaired, we might save our environment. It starts with one small step at a time.

I wonder if Trish will want her purse back!

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