Monday, June 1, 2009

Rosemund Chicken Salad


Simple ingredients used in the salad with an oil on wood painting by my father, James Galloway, in the background

While visiting my friend, Karen, in Warren, Ohio several years ago, we had lunch at the Picadilly Tea Room. It was hard to make a choice from their enticing menu. I finally decided on the Rosemund Chicken Salad. When I got home I tried to remember the ingredients. My version is a bit different, but all the same, everyone who has ever sampled it for asks for the recipe.

The salad presents well. It is a perfect lunch served with cantaloupe and bread, or you might add a soup. It comes together in a flash and can be made ahead and assembled at the last minute. Sometimes, I just place all ingredients over the salad greens and splash on the vinaigrette.

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