Monday, January 5, 2015

SALE! 2015


Sold. Thank you Tina!

Armes Burning Bowl.. means 'prophetess' in Welsh. She is 4 1/2" w x 4 1/2 " deep x 9" high. Stained glass basin-sculpted with stoneware clay that has been kiln fired. Great to use for ceremony or to burn candle or incense. Normally priced at $68-Sale Price is $45.00

I have decided to start the new year of 2015 with a big sale. Some of you may know, I lost my beautiful son, Charlie, last fall and as a result, my creativity has all but disappeared. I think the key to healing is to stay busy so I cleaned out my studio and even added more space by renovating my garage. By doing this, I am hoping that I will find my muse in my new and pleasant 'atelier.' (French for studio) Featured in the sale will be either work that I previously kept in my home and called 'my own', items that were on Etsy or slow moving artwork that I've had around a long time. Also featured are items that I found during renovation. Some are very old and I'll have to call them, vintage Cheryl Dolby.

Now is the time to take advantage of the very low prices I have placed on each item, and it is the time for me to begin anew with new series and new one of a kind pieces that I hope to start soon! Of course the sale pieces are all original. I can ship immediately and will be glad to ship to another address and gift wrap. They all come with one of my stories (except the garlic keepers) I take Paypal or personal check. If you see anything you want, please e-mail me and we can go from there. Hope you have fun shopping. Double Click for Close-ups. Here we go!

Goddess "Oceana" Standing Sculpture. She is 24" high x 12" wide x 12" deep. I used some wonderfully old shells and an antique shell pendant. She is hand sculpted and kiln fired and quite frankly...heavy. I would imagine someone from Roanoke might be interested in taking her home as the shipping will probably be well over $100 to states closeby and if you are in Ca..probably closer to $150-200. Of course, with the low price I am offering her, you may just want to give yourself that gift you have been waiting for. She was priced at $350.(galleries price similar ones I have created for between $400-$550) Sale Price: $235. A really good deal for someone!

Blooming Spirit features dried roses from my garden and encaustic wax and acrylic. She is 8"wide x 10" high and 1 1/2" deep for easier hanging. Was priced at $118. On Sale for $60.00

Nampeyo planter. 4" wide x 4" deep x 9" high. Some turquoise and silver embellishment. Was priced on sale for $45 and now even bigger sale price of $35.

Sold. Thank you Tina!

Flame Spirit. Wall hanging with old African basket, lots of great necklaces and horsehair, original stoneware clay face. 9" wide x 30" long. Was $118. Now on sale for $70.

Angel of Sacrifice. Fresco Look-3-dimensional Halo. Batik paper for dress. Acrylic. 12"wide x 15" High. Angel was priced at $165, then $145. I decided to put her on sale for $100. I love this one.

Sold. Thank you Karen!

Sold. Thank you Beth!

Timekeeper Box. Fresco effect-painted into textured paint-Old watch piece and key. 8 1/2" square x 4" high. Beautiful Old Box. Was $125. Now $65.

Last Two Garlic Keepers From the Year. Garlic Keeper #1 has a brown glaze and is approx. 4" wide x 4" deep by 4" high. Was $28. Sale Price is $20.

Garlic Keeper #2 is a deep green and smaller than number 1. She is 3" w x 3" deep by 3 1/2" High. Was $22. Sale Price $18.

Freda Oil Painting. Features Oil and Encaustic Wax. Dimensions are:11"wide x 14" High and 1 1/2" deep cradle for easy hanging. She's vibrant and luscious. She was $165. Now $100.

Sold. Thank you Trish!

Native American Switch Plate Cover. Wolf on head with snake. 4" wide x 8 1/2 High. Was $58. Sale Price is $35.00

The Crone. This small wall hanging was from a series I created many years ago. I wrote the crone story just for the series but have used it in other pieces since. It talks about "Wing-ed Woman" so I created her hair out of horsehair which I placed wildly about her. She is approximately 8" wide by 8" high. The series was always priced at $32 but Sale Price is just $24.

Sold. Thank you Tina!

Sold. Thank you Jackie!

Just Two of my "Philosophy Art Dolls Available. I tried to give each doll an old world look. They are whimsical with moving legs and arms. Left is "Jump Off Cliffs and Build Your Wings on the Way Down" and on Right is "The Moment of Absolute Certainty Never Arrives." Were priced at $38. Sale Price is $18 each.

Ancient Herbalist Planter. She is 5" wide x 8" deep x 12" high. Hand sculpted stoneware clay featuring a beautiful crystal. She was priced at $89. and the Sale Price is $55.

French Angel Planter. Even though she is small, ( 5" wide x 4" deep x 10" high) I had her priced at $86 because of the time it took to create the very textured crackles in the glaze. She is sale priced now at $58.00

Sold. Thank you Yavia!

Goddess Tea Vessel. I love this vessel because she is so unusual. Serves about 1 1/2 cups-2 cups. She is 8" wide x 5 1/2 " deep by 4 1/2" high. Was $78. Now Sale Price $58.00

Sold. Thank you Yavia!

Power Woman Goddess Ceremonial Necklace. Power Woman is approx. 3" wide x 8" high and 13" from the neck to face. Original. She can be used as a necklace for ceremonies, dressed up or down or hung as a wall piece. All my necklaces have been $125 in the galleries, $85 wholesale and Sale Price for Power Woman is just $65.00

Renaissance Woman Ceremonial Necklace. Approx. 3" w x 8" high x 13" from neck to face. Was $85. Sale Price is $55.

"She Who Knows Her Own Sacred Sound." Goddess Necklace. 3" wide x 6" high x 12" from neck to face. This beautiful butterfly woman is a bit heavy and might be preferred as a wall piece. Price Now $58.

Healing Woman Goddess Necklace. Size= 3" wide x 7"1/2 High by 12 1/2 from neck to face. Now $60.00

"She Who Follows the Path of the Ancient Mystery Schools" Goddess Necklace. Features Old Coin. 2 1/2" wide x 7" high x 11" from neck to face. Sale Priced at $55.

Oceana Wall Hanging. I used shells gathered from my journeys and sculpted her face with stoneware clay which was then kiln fired. She is approx 8" wide x 18" high. She was priced at a reasonable $89. Sale Price: $64.

Sold. Thank you Beth!

Truthseeker Vessel. 10" wide x 3 1/2" high x 4" deep. I love steampunk-old keys, watch parts. This small box actually has a secret drawer but I can't remember how to open it! It's unique. On Sale for just $35.00

Polly Pincushion. I used to sell a lot of this series and had one left. She's colorful and fun and can be placed horizontal on a sewing table or hung on the wall. 9" wide x 9" high. Was $42-Now on Sale for $22.

Earthwalker features one of my clay faces, horsehair, a stone nautilus shell and an arrowhead. She is 11" wide x 13" high. Was $89. on sale for $48.

Sold. Thank you Francie!

Gypsy Woman Journal. Paper Batik and lots of luscious purple yarn. 9" wide x 10" high. Was $65. Sale Price is $38.

Gypsy Woman Journal. I call this one "Celebration" She's so cheerful with her rich yarn. 9" wide by 10" high. Was $68. Sale Price $40.

Gypsy Woman Journal-Cloth front and back. I stitched this one with metallic thread and used the free motion stitch. 10" x 10" Was $89. Now on sale for $58.

Gypsy Woman Journal-Cloth front and back. I also stitched this one with metallic thread and used the free motion stitich. 10" x 10" Was 89. Now on sale for $58.

"Floppsy" Just cause she is so cute and you can toss her anywhere and she stay intact. I used a self drying clay for face. She's approximate 12" high x 7 " arm span. Was $89. On Sale for $40.

Sold. Thank you Beth!

Gentle Spirit. Oil painting/mixed media on wood base. Very textured and mystical. Was $78. 6 1/2" wide x 15" high. Sale Price is $42.

Native American Sculpture. Mistflower. Even though she is supposed to be bending she seems a bit short to me. Be sure to double click for a closeup of her face. It is quite alluring. I had her priced at $185. Mistflower is 9" wide x 10" deep by 18" high. Sale Price is $100.

Hope you like them and thank you for viewing!

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