Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Achemist Burning Bowl


Front View

Sold. Thank you Holly!

The Alchemist is the first burning bowl of the season and fits in well with my Alchemist series. I looked up the definition of alchemy and found it to mean that it can be either a medieval chemical science whereby metals were turned into gold, or a discovery of a universal cure for disease and elixir for prolonging life. So an alchemist would be a person who studies to achieve this goal.


My burning bowls were created to allow the owner a chance to have a burning bowl ceremony which can be personal, or shared with others. Can believing that by burning a paper where ones flaws and bad habits are written really work? This custom appears in many forms. An example would be that the Chinese are known for taking problems into a boat and sending out to sea, thus releasing them to the waters. I have used stained glass in the bowl that has been fired at a high temperature on my kiln, allowing your 'problems' to burn properly. You can use it for incense or a candle when not in ceremony. You may not be able to turn metal into gold but you might be able to clear the slate for a more worry free existence in this life.

Back View

I'm proud that I have kept my price the same for my burning bowls since the first one (all different of course) many years ago. Just $68. She is 4" wide x 5" deep and 9" high including the crystal. I used sparkling crystals and a wing embellishment. I hand sculpted her out of stoneware clay. You can e-mail me if you'd like to purchase. I take Paypal and personal checks. Thank you so much for taking the time to view and read.

Stained Glass Basin

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016



Alchemist Tea Vessel

Sold. Thank you Lisa!!

The 'Alchemist' is the name I have given to the first of my new series for 2016. Here you see my new tea vessel. Her eyes tell all. She is mysterious, mesmerizing and spellbinding. I can visualize a personal tea ceremony or one as described below.

Old Lock Used As Part of Lid

Enchantment found it’s way to the table where the Goddess Ceremonial Tea Vessel was placed. Three friends were drawn to help initiate a healing. The pungent herbal aroma from the mysterious vessel containing the special roots and herbs chosen fresh from the garden permeated the air. The elixir was steeped to perfection and the cups were filed. Each Goddess inhaled the scent of the tisanes which opened their sensory perception as they gazed at the fascinating original clay Goddess face that was sculpted into the vessel. All were oblivious to their surroundings and time was lost to antiquity as they partook of this special potion, all the while awaiting for the magic to unfold.

Back of Vessel

My tea vessels are each an original. I hand sculpt them using stoneware clay. The Goddess faces are sculpted in the bas-relief method. I used a lead free glaze on each vessel. The Alchemist is approx 10” wide by 5” deep by 7 high including the lid top. I used an old door lock with an ancient brass key for the lid. The glaze is a rich copper/teal/turquoise. It's hard to describe the color but the picture is accurate. . About 4 cups of tea can be brewed and I made the spout drip proof. I have priced her at $125. A lot of work was involved and I think whoever owns her will consider her a treasure. If you are interested in purchasing, I take peronal checks or Paypal. Just e-mail me and we can go from there.

To brew tea:

The best way to brew tea for vessel is to place cold water in another microwavable container. Heat water and then pour into vessel in which either tea bags or a tea strainer or tea ball has been placed. Place lid back on and allow to steep for 5 minutes or so. Serve. (Be sure to hold the lid as you pour the tea.)

Care of Tea Vessel:

Because of the various embellishments placed into the vessel, it is best not to place in dishwasher or microwave but instead use the tea vessel to steep and serve. I have used lead free glaze on the interior of each pot so that it is safe to drink the tea and after finishing, running hot water inside the pot releasing any tea having lodged there is all that is needed to keep sanitary.

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