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Lily the mannequin

Of all my loves, gardening is just about at the top of my list. I'm wondering why it took me so long to start posting stories of Woodloft Garden, the name I gave the garden surrounding my home, Woodloft. Perhaps it is because at this time of year, things are in a state of disarray. It takes me all of April and May to bring the grounds and garden back to life.

Woodloft Garden has an unusual resident in addition to the various critters that typically inhabit such a place. She is Lily, a mannequin. I purchased Lily from a friend at Happy's Flea Market several years ago. She goes through a change almost every year. This year she is bright and cheery and I almost want to rename her "Chiquita Banana" after the dancer of the 50's.

Here she is a few years ago looking very relaxed in her setting.

I placed her next to the 'lily' pond that I created from an old Roman bathtub. It is hard to believe that I once bathed in this tub! I'll tell you more about how this pond was created in a later post. Here, Lily is covered with moss and surrounded by old pharmacy bottles and flowers.

You can see Lily reflected in one of the mirrors I added to the back of my garage. Adding mirrors to an area creates a feeling of dimension. I have placed many around the gardens at Woodloft.

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  1. What a beautiful dream world of gardens those mirrors create!


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