Sunday, December 30, 2012



"The Moment of Absolute Certainty Never Arrives" One Of My Favorite Quotes

When I was a child, someone gave me a precious little cloth doll. She looked as though she came from Poland or somewhere in the Netherlands. She had a hand made face and a cloth body. I loved her beyond words. Now that I’m older, (ha, much older) I am yearning to recreate that little old world doll. After much trial and tribulation, I came up with a version that definitely is reminiscent of that little treasure.

"Jump Off Cliffs and Build Your Wings On The Way Down" This Is A Ray Bradbury Quote

I hand sculpted each face with clay, painted it to look ancient, used cloth on the body (which is flat ) added push pins so that she is has fully moveable joints and then gave her one of my favorite quotes. Each on is definitely an original.

"There Is A Fine Line Between Genius and Insanity-I Have Erased That Line" Author unknown. I Have To Admit, Her Face Does Look A Bit 'Crazy'-But That Was The Point

Shown For Size

"Small is The Heart That Can Love But One" Author Unknown

Back Side Grommet Hanger Shown

I’m offering 4 for sale. They are approx 3”w x 10”h. Some of my customers tell me they hang the little dolls on the wall and others hang on a suction cup at the window. I prefer to let mine hang about the house is unusual places, where guests can happen upon them by chance and be charmed by the sayings I’ve given to them. They certainly do cheer up a cold winter’s day and bring a bit of sunshine to those receiving them. I have priced them at $38. and can ship anywhere in the continental USA for just $5.00. Please e-mail me if you’d like one to be sent to you. Thanks so much!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012



Number 1 Timekeeper Features interesting purple beadwork

Sold. Thank you Francie

I have a few face jars left from Christmas sales if anyone is interested. They are priced reasonably at $25. each. I hand sculpted each face, added all types of interesting finds from the year’s antique and flea market shopping. The apothecary jars are 3” in diameter and hold 10 oz. of whatever you choose to place into them. I think candles or creams would be sublime. You could even place food items into them since the jar has a tight rubber seal. I’m sure my reader’s will find all sorts of uses for them I have never even thought of.

Number 2 Soaring Spirit Features an antique butterfly broach

Number 3 Feather Keeper Features small metal dreamcatcher and other Native American Looking Objects

Sold. Thank you Lisa

Number 4 Tree Crone Woman Features small gold metal tree

Sold. Thank you Francie!

Number 5 Blooming Spirit Features small gold butterfly and beadwork

Number 6 Renaissance Woman Features Antique Neck Piece

Sold. Thank you Lisa

I have numbered and named each one after the stories I write

View of Jar

Let me know if I can send one or more to you. Just e-mail me and we can go from there. They make wonderful special gifts for all occasions year round.

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Monday, December 17, 2012



Full View

Sold. Thank you Cindy!

She is glitzy and exciting looking and befitting of her name. The wearer should expect magic to happen each time she ventures out into the world.
Close-up of Center

The Alchemist is the last Goddess Ceremonial Necklace I have to offer this year. She would be a wonderful asset to wear to a party or to ring in the new year. She is 3” wide by 8” high and has a chain of 11” from the neck to top of necklace. I used gold, black and purple accents to the stars and other glitzy accents. I have priced her at $115.00. Please e-mail me if you would like me to send her to you. You can also view her more closely on Etsy. I accept Paypal. Thank you so much.
Close-up of Jangles

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Sunday, December 2, 2012


Vintage Beaded Face Bag

Sold. Thank you Kimberly!

While roaming through her grandmother’s attic, the girl came across what looked to be a very ancient beaded bag. To her surprise, there was a face on the front. The look on the face was one of wisdom and of a certain knowing. It immediately captured her heart. What was the history of the bag? Why had her grandmother never showed it to the family? Now that her grandmother’s memory was waning, she guessed she would never find the answer. Still, the precious purse seemed to beckon and the girl fled with it to the rest home where her grandmother now lived.

Close-up of Face

Years later, the girl was now a woman. So often when she traveled here and there to meetings, parties and out on the town, that precious purse accompanied her. She held it’s history in her heart and would not reveal it to anyone. She often thought back to the day when she held the purse up for her grandmother to see. She remembered the tears her grandmother shed and the story her grandmother had told her of the purse and how she came to own it.

Close-up of Beadwork

More years passed and the vintage purse was handed down from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter, all vowing to hold the story of the antique to their hearts, not revealing it to anyone. The mystery of the bag remains to this day. Just looking closely at the face on the fabric purse with the subtle yet radiant beadwork of amber and browns seem to cast a spell on the beholder. To touch the soft beadwork, almost, but not quite, renders the answer to a question too intimate to even put into words.

While shopping at an antique mall, I discovered this incredible purse. I have looked up vintage bags on google and cannot find the source. Still, there is something charming and wonderful about the colors and feel of the bag. I decided to add one of my original faces and more beadwork that looked similar to what is on the bag. Of course, the story then came to me. Perhaps one of my readers can give the answer to the bag’s mystery. She is 5"w x by 9"h x and the beaded stap is aprox. 21" long. I have priced her at $89.00. Please let me know by e-mail.
if you’d like to have her as your own. You can also view and order on Etsy if you prefer.

Thank you for your patience in reading this long story~

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