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"Grandmother Tree"

Sold. Thank you Yavia!

Each January when I make my New Years “Revolutions” I create a special column for all the new items I want to create with my sculpture for the coming year. There is always a new series in the works. This year is no different. I have many exciting ideas for several new series for 2016. In order for me to start fresh, I always feel as though I should sell what remained from the previous year. (or a lot of it anyway) Does that make sense? I think many artists think this way. It is sort of a clearing of the brain to allow for future 'brainstorms' so to speak.

Most of the art pieces I am listing have absolutely nothing wrong with them. Perhaps they did not get shown all year or were somehow overlooked. Orphans in a sense. I am giving a description of each item and price I had listed for with the new on sale price. If you see something you would like to have, please e-mail me and let me know. If for some reason the link for my e-mail does not work, here is the exact e-mail. cherdolby@cox.net These are very, very good prices. Most come with one of my stories I write for them. Hope you enjoy viewing. I take checks or Paypal. Thank you so very much!

Grandmother Tree is approx 17" high x 7" wide x9" deep. I hand sculpted her from stoneware clay which was kiln fired and then added all of the driftwood and moss embellishments.

She is a spectacular bargain since I had her priced originally at $225 and now offer her to you for $145. She would make a lovely accent piece in a bay window, on a screened porch, altar, etc.

Chinese Herbalist Tea Vessel

Sold. Thank you Lisa!

7" wide x8" high x 4" deep. This teapot features a luscious chocolate glaze and one of my original faces created from stoneware clay. Would make a lovely gift for anyone versed in the art of tea ceremonies. Holds about 1 1/2 cups of tea. She was $89. but since I've had it for awhile I have decided to let go for $55. Teapots are the hardest thing I do with my sculpture. There is so much detail! This one is lovely.

Earthwalker bas-relief vessel.

A Srong original bas-relief face is featured on the top of this box. Size is 10 1/2" wide x 6" deep x 4" high. She can be used to store all sorts of things or propped upright and used as a sculpture. I have finished the inside with a brocade fabric and the outside front features an ingrained wooden relief. Price was $110. but I will sell for $69. A bargain!

Oceana Planter

Sold. Thank you Leisa!

Most of my smaller planters sell each summer season but Oceana for some reason unbeknown to me, is still available. She was priced at $78. but on sale now for $45. She holds a good size herb or trailing plant. Drainage hole is in bottom. Artificial plant not included. She is approx 5" wide x 5" deep x 12" high.

2 Art Dolls

Every once in awhile I like to experiment with small art dolls. These two seated dolls are cute and add a bit of whimsy to wherever you place them. They are approx7" high x 7" wide by 8" deep. The first one (with purple hair) is Polly. She has elf ears and bendable cloth body. The second one is Olga (orange hair) She reminds me of a doll I received as a child. This doll was from Poland and I remember loving to toss her around. So I made Olga toss proof-just in case. Dolls similar have sold for $85- $100, but I will sell each of them for $40 or both for $70. They are so cute.



Music was my Refuge

Sold. Thank you Lisa!

I created a collage around a Maya Angenu quote. I used musical notes then painted one of my faces-this one is hauntingly mysterious- and crackled the entire thing. She is 8" wide x 10" high and has a 1 1/2" width for easier hanging. I used a good grade cradle birch wood base for her. I actually love this one and was tempted not to sell her but I am anyway. Must move on. She was $89 and on sale now for $55.

Angel of Sacrifice

She is part of my angel series. For some reason the larger angels sell a lot more slowly than the smaller ones. Probably because of price but I'm not sure. I changed this one around a few times-changed color of hair etc- so hopefully someone will want to enjoy her in their home with her new hair do. I used the method I learned while studying in Italy for the halo and Renaissance Oil method for face and painted her on a secure board with a hanger for hanging in the back. She is 13" wide x 18" high and about 1" deep. The series runs close to $200 for this size but I have her for sale for $90.

Within the Within.

After I fired the face for "Within the Within" I noticed that one eye was...well..missing? I decided to camouflage by pulling hair (horsehair) over it. Then I started reading a series of books about a Native American elder who had one eye (Spirit Song by Mary Rain Tree) I decided that she was really came out the way she was supposed to so I renamed her "Grandmother No-Eyes." Her stoneware clay face is adorned with grey horsehair, turquoise and a rich black and cream brocade. She is quite large-14" wide x 36" high and 6" deep-approx. I have priced her from $200 down to $100. I think you will enjoy this piece. You can also see her on the right hand side of my blog with a link for other bloggers to add to their blogs.

Goddess Ceremonial Altar` "Stardust Woman"

I just finished this piece not too long ago and posted her on my blog. She was priced at $110 but I had no takers. She is 4" wide x 4" deep x 11 1/2" high. She can be used in ceremony as an altar or for candle or incense. I'm pricing her at $65. Really a good price, especially for all the work involved!

Blooming Spirit

Sold. Thank you Trish!

She is 11" wide x 14" high and 1 1/2" deep. I created this mixed media painting on a birch board with deep cradle sides for easier hanging. I used oils, encaustic wax and dried flowers from my garden. I've had her hanging in my own home for several years and now is the time for me to share her. She was $135-(I think) and I am offering her for $85.

Morning Song

Sold. Thank you Barb!

This is a beautiful, very textured piece. I sculpted one of my original stoneware faces for her and adorned her with horsehair, mudcloth from Africa and a beautiful stone head piece. She is approx 12" wide x 22" high and about 2" deep. She is very rich and earthy. I had $185-then dropped to $145 and now will sell her for $89! Someone will be very happy with her.

Doran Planter

Sold. Thank you Yavia!

It's unusual for me to have a planter for 2 seasons! Everyone seems to buy around her and I'm waiting for someone to love her and give her a good home. She is all stoneware clay and can be kept outside during the summer. She is approx 6" x 6" x 12" high and was $89. I am selling her for $55.

"Lace Reader"

I read a book about lace readers that intrigued me. There are actually woman who read fortunes by looking at lace. The book is called Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry. It was a fascinating read and I felt I just had to paint her. She is approx 15" wide x 18" high and 1 1/2" deep for easier hanging. I painted her using acrylics onto a wood framed canvas. She is mysterious and her story is spellbinding. I priced her $300. because she took so long to do but now have decided to let her go for $155. Her coloring goes well with most decor.

Native American switch plate cover

Sold. Thank you Kayla!

I've had this switchplate cover forever. Everyone lifts it up and says how much they love it but I guess they don't want to pay the price. She was $58 and then I dropped the price to $45. Still no takers. So now-just $25. It will allow me to go on and make more of my covers knowing this one has a good home.

Penelope Pin Cushion

Pure and simple, this was a pattern but I changed it around to make it my own. She is so fun to have near your sewing machine. I used bone hands and one of my original faces plus ineresting cloth and saying on her back side. I sold similar ones for $42. but will sell her for $22. She's wild with her red and purple hair. Dimensions are approx 9"x9"

Quote on Back of Penelope


I named this piece after one of my Hopi teachers. She features one of my clay faces, horsehair and a woven backing. She was $78-now $45. I've pretty much discontinued this style and she is the last of this series.


She is from my Oceana series. I created this mixed media painting on a solid birch board and used encaustic wax and oils She is 11" wide x 15" high. She has a serene look and will bring peace to any room she is placed. She was $165-Now $90.

Philosophy Art Doll-Change is Growth

I've been creating these little art dolls for several years now. They can be hung on the wall or at a window or anywhere else you'd like to add a bit of whimsy and fun to your life. (You can't help but smile whenever you walk by them) They make a wonderful little gift for someone who needs some cheering. I'll be making more soon but she is the only one available right now. She is 9" high and about 6" wide (depending on how you place her moveable arms and legs) They sell for $28. but I'm letting this one go for $15.

Oceana Mirror

Sold. Thank you Shirley!

Last Oceana piece to list. She is 7" wide x 10" high. Makes a nice accent piece for bathroom or anywhere. She was $78-Now $50.

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