Tuesday, June 7, 2016



Highly Elevated Soul

I wrote the story of Highly Elevated Soul after reading the book “Sidhartha” I loved the philosophy of the book and the gentle flow of words that led me to a peaceful state. My mixed media Highly Elevated Soul has a..well..soulful look in her eyes. Her expression conveys emotion..as though she has endured much, even though there are no visible lines on her face. As we go through life, we find there are so many sorrows we must face but we listen to our higher selves and move forward with dignity and grace.

Side View

I created my mixed media Highly Elevated Soul by using the Renaissance technique of oil painting by adding 6 layers of oil paint. She is highly textured and I used beads as embellishment and placed upon her crown. She is 10" wide by 12" high and I have priced her at $125. Hope you like her. To purchase, please e-mail me and we can go from there. I take personal checks or Paypal which uses all the major credit cards.

Close-Up of Beadwork

Another Picture with Different Lighting

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