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4 Goddess Garlic Keepers

Last fall, I decided to try my hand at growing garlic. I grew it once before but was disappointed when my harvest was comprised of the most miniscule cloves of garlic I had ever seen! This time, since the deer, ground hogs, rabbits and other animals seem to eat every vegetable I plant, I decided to plant my garlic in my vegetable garden. After doing a web search and it seems that most animals will stay away from the scent of garlic. I decided to order the most exotic garlic starters I could find. I have Spanish Roja garlic, Italian Lococonia, Maisky , Elephant, Chinese Pink even garlic from Transylvania! (I'll be naming that one-”Dracula's Nemesis.”

Garlic Garden

I used only the best fertilizer-Black Gold- and other organic fertilized soil. Planting took place in October and I was up and down, just like my garlic scapes all winter with worry. The scapes on garlic are only supposed to come up one time in the spring. Because of an extraordinary winter, with temperatures alternating from very warm days of 70 and dropping to the teens, my scapes made an appearance about 5 times. Nowhere have I read about this happening to garlic before.


So now, the garlic scapes have been up once again for a few months and supposedly I will be able to harvest in late June, when the stalks start to turn brown. I am so excited about it. If any of my readers have advice for me concerning my garlic, please let me know. I can use all the help I can get.

Garlic Queen Journal

In the meantime, I plan, if I have a large enough harvest, to display and sell my garlic along with my artwork at our Farmer's Market this summer. A friend suggested that I create garlic keepers to sell along with the garlic. After experimentation, I am pleased to offer my original Goddess Garlic Keepers for sale. They are priced at just $28. and are approximately 31/2"x 5"x 31/2" and the purple one is a bit smaller. They all feature one of my bas-relief faces on the cork lid along with some beautiful glazes.

Garlic Keeper Number 1 -Rustic Apricot

Number 1 Sold-Thank you Beth!

If you'd like to purchase one of my new series, please e-mail me with the number/color you'd like. I like to use Paypal or checks.

With Lid

I'll name my garlic “Draculas' Nemesis” Pavaroti's Italian, Spanish Flamenco and the rest will be aptly named for the country as well. I think I'll call myself “The Garlic Queen.”

Garlic Keeper Number 2- Purple Plum Shino

Sold. Thank you Gloria!

With Lid

Garlic Keeper Number 3-Textured Brown

Sold. Thank you Gloria

With Lid

Garlic Keeper Number 4-Light Yellow

With Lid

Thanks for viewing. I'd appreciate any tips you can give.

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  1. You are soooooo cleaver. These garlic keepers should sell out at the market.

  2. Hi Nicole. I will take two. Number 1 and 3 if I can? Can we handle it as we always do? Check in the mail? Let me know please. As for garlic, we have some growing as well. Husband tends to it.:) Have a wonderful day and please email me on this and the total owed. Thank you.

  3. What beautiful garlic keepers! Your creations are so special (and I'm wondering ~ deeply ~ why I don't yet have one gracing my little hut?)

    My spouse and I were just talking about our garlic last night on the deck, along with other plants on our little acre that we never paid a dime for. I call our garlic, "Edith's garlic," because that was the name of lady who live in our house before us. I nurtured her couple of garlic plants that were in her little garden and over the years have created a sustaining batch for food and planting. Haven't purchased garlic in many years!

    And ... we have Edith's rhubarb and Edith's sage too. :)

  4. These are beautiful Cheryl, such precious art ~ thank you for sharing, I pinned to my arty board :o)
    Hugs, love and light Trace x


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