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Sold. Thank you Angie!

I have named my home Woodloft because I believe anything worth owning is worth naming. The video below was taken in one of my many gardens (I'm obsessed with flowers and water ponds) which I call the labyrinth garden. I hope you enjoy viewing.

I named my burning bowl Vesta which in Roman it means 'guardian of the sacred flames.She has a stern, austere look-as though she holds fast and can conquer any situation in life. She is 4 1/2” w x 4 1/2” deep and 9” high. I created her with stoneware clay which I kiln fired along with the stained glass basin she features. I also used abalone shell and turquoise as embellishments. She is priced at $68. If you would like to purchase Vesta, please just click my e-mail. We can go from there. I prefer Paypal or checks.


The burning bowl is traditionally used as a means to rid oneself of bad habits or annoyances by writing them down on a piece of paper and burning them. Community church has a ceremony held once a year in which a very large burning bowl is used for the entire congregation. I came up with the smaller more personal bowl some time ago. When you are not using your sculpture for doing away with problems, the stained glass basin can be used for incense or the burning of a small candle.


Stained Glass Basin

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  1. Your home seems like a very special place. Love the burning bowl.

  2. Love the video of your garden which seems a very spiritual place to be. Vesta is beautiful and love the candle burning brightly. Hugs Annette x

  3. Cheryl she is so beautiful. I really love your video too. You have such a pleasant voice.
    Have a happy day

  4. Vesta is absolutely beautiful!
    And I love the video ~ it's a treat to hear your voice. :)

    Have a creative day!

  5. the coolest, intricate, way cool headdress Cheryl, so beautiful beyond. I will always love mine, more every day. and tried the pasta fresh with broccoli and cauliflower and a teeny white sauce...to die for...thank you! xoxox


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