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Full Picture of Renaissance Woman

Sold. Thank you Elsie!

I've been experimenting recently with crackle glaze for some of my sculptures. I could visualize my planters all crackled and looking as though they were dredged from antiquity. (I mistakenly said eternity on the video but I guess either could be right) For Renaissance Woman, the larger of the planters, I used "Fools Gold" which reputedly brings money to the holder. Hopefully it will bring fortune to whoever purchases her. I also used an intricately carved wooden piece for forehead, crystals and an antique sphere for the crown. She is 8”w by x6”D and approx 15” high. I have priced her at $110. I'm including the story I wrote for her below.

Close-Up of Face

The smaller of the two planters I have named Queen Ann's Lace. Along with the crackled glaze over stoneware clay with 2 firings, she includes an old bronze colored beaded headpiece. I also found a lovely golden angelic face with purple dew drop for the center.She is 5”w by x 4”d by 11”high and priced at $78. Her story is also shown below.

You can purchase either planter from me directly by contacting my e-mail. I accept paypal and checks.

Usually my planters can be kept outside all winter because they have been fired to a high temp but in the case of the crackle planters, since I've used delicate embellishments like the beadwork, it is best to display inside. I just couldn't resist using that beautiful beadwork on her though.

Close-Up Detail of Embellishments

Full Picture of Queen Ann's Lace

Close-Up of Face and Embellishments

Close-Up of Crackle


She wore a cloak sewn by nature and she was driven by an unquenchable thirst for unity. She was a renaissance woman..with an eye to the future and a tear for the past.


She is inspired by angels. They whisper to her of another day. A day when she had roses for tea for a long days reverie. Crystal and lace, heirloom flacons and a porcelin smile. Her pale beauty shows an ambience of that of a romantic visionary, of one who is celebrating purity on the highest level.in a way only she chooses to remember.

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  1. She is so beautiful Cheryl. Wonderful work as always. I love your garden and the sounds, very relaxing and so YOU. Yes the knees and ankles stop me from running and I think that if I tried to run, I'd sprain an ankle and really running is something that I think has left me forever, therefore I will walk, slow but still walk in the backyard.:) Have a great day.

  2. Hi Cheryl. Thx for stopping by my yard post. In answer to your question about 1 acre, not quite. It's half an acre and still a lot of work to keep it going. Hope you have a great day. Time for errands.:)

  3. Another beauty, Cheryl. The crackle glaze add such a wonderful texture and I love how the color takes to it ~ so much visual interest!

    Wishing you a beautiful and creative day!


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