Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Your's Truly Set Up at the Roanoke City Market

For those of you who are new to my blog, every so often I feature a picture or two of my art car-B-Dazle. She has 23,000 beads, bangles and bows and took me 6 years to complete. We had our first weekend of “Festival in the Park” over Memorial Day and naturally, I just had to purchase lots of flowers from the farmers.

B-Dazle-1990 Nisson. She is 24 Years Old. Next Year She'll Be An Antique (Just Like Me!)

For today's offering, I am featuring “Brownyn," which is Welsh for dark and Pure. She is 6"wide x 11"x high 5"deep and I used stoneware clay which has been fired to a high temperature so that she can stay outside all summer without any problem. I added a beautiful crystal and other embellishments to her. She is $68.00. You can e- mail me if you are interested in purchasing her and we can go from there. I accept checks and Paypal.

Full View


Thanks so much for visiting today and a special thank you to Joe Light and Rick Stump for taking and sending me the pictures.

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  1. Just love that car, vroom, vroom!!!
    Brownyn is a beauty!!

  2. The sculpture is, like you, beautiful and unique - or should I say, "Brownyn". The flowers are beautiful and I love the photo of you in your fab-b-daz car.

  3. i just LOVE her!!! did you hear me scream that! i DO! and you are the best with that car of yours, yes i have seen it before but i would never tire of seeing it over and over. you are just the CAT'SMEOW# ;) all of you and yours! xo

  4. Your show looks so inviting, I love seeing your B-Dazle car and Brownyn is beautiful. I like that dark and beautiful.
    Have a nice Wednesday

  5. I love that picture of you standing in your stall . And your car is great with all those flowers.


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