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Pretzel cookies

Have you ever tried making pretzel cookies? There are only three ingredients. Snap pretzels, hug chocolate kisses and m@m’s. I couldn’t find the hug chocolates so used the plain chocolate and also some caramel 5chocolate kisses.

You just assemble the snaps on a cookie sheet, place the kisses on top and put in the oven until the chocolate melts. Just takes a few minutes at 350. When the chocolate is only slightly melted, take from oven and push an m@ m into the chocolate.

Simple ingredients

I love the taste of salt and chocolate together. I made several batches of these cookies to give as gifts to friends. I missed cookie making and some other holiday traditions the week before Christmas because of the huge snowfall we had here in Roanoke so I ‘m making up for it now.

On my next posting, I will fill you in on some wonderful ways to help get rid of the guilt you are probably feeling if you are making cookies like these.

Newly created doll (click picture of doll to view at Etsy shop)

Oh, and how do you like the new doll I created ? Can anyone think of a good name for her? I’ll be giving a doll and sculpture class this summer if I ever get my Tuscany Suite remodeled. More on that in a future post.

Closeup of unnamed doll

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  1. I have to make these now. I'm planning Superbowl snacks and these are now on my list. :) Thanks! Love your new doll. The leggings are awesome. I often use the novelty yarn on my dolls but that's the cutest use I've seen. (or are they felted? either way, adorable).


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