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Roanoke through the ages snow village

When my grandchildren were young, yet old enough to remember, we started another family tradition. We decided to create a unique Christmas Village. The village is of our own town of Roanoke. The children and I decided to make it not only a winter village but one that depicts Roanoke in various time frames. It is Roanoke through the ages. In creating the village, we also strive to add items to our collection that represent our own lives.

Every December we all load up in my art car, B-dazle, and begin our search for a new treasure.


The Christmas store has an entire array of many different styles and themes for Christmas villages. It is there we visit every December in anticipation of finding something new and exciting.

Zack, Beth, Alli and Marcy

One year we found the Hotel Roanoke, which is an exact replica of our historical hotel.

Hotel Roanoke

Another year, we purchased the famous Roanoke star.

Mill Mountain Star

There was the year we found a zoo and called it Mill Mountain Zoo.

Mill Mountain Zoo

Happy's Flea Market

We found a flea market and named it “Happy’s” which is where I spend a lot of time looking for embellishments for my work.

Here is our Ferris wheel

Santa's workshop with Santa and reindeer

Santa’s workshop is always placed in the higher elevations with Rudolph leading the way down to help deliver toys.

Skater's pond

This year we found what might be the most unusual scene for our village yet. It is a depiction of a flying saucer landing! It is equipped with an FBI truck, yellow sticker tape, policemen, green aliens and an astronaut approaching them. The saucer lights up as well as the capsule with a green alien.

Alien landing

After the trip to the store, we assemble the item and place it in the village. The village is only brought out once a year by my oldest granddaughter, Marcy, whom I lovingly call “Miss Christmas.” Marcy walks in the door, flips on the Christmas music and begins decorating Woodloft, my home. She enjoys decorating the Christmas table, that is filled with angels, but the village is her favorite challenge. At the end of Christmas, Marcy carefully repacks each piece.

Marcy creating the village

On the day we shop for our Christmas Village addition we traditionally also make my great Aunt Myrtle’s sugar cookies. I’m sure these cookies are pretty much like any sugar cookie but there is something special about pulling out her old recipe and paying homage to her that adds to the cookie making.

Can you imagine what my kitchen looks like after the cookie baking each year?

More cookies-another year

My hope for the village is that someday, when and if I ever downsize (which seems unlikely since I’m still upsizing) the village will be divided among the children. Each will take turns in choosing those precious items to take home to their own families. Each child will have a memory associated with the village and a memory of our time together.

Here is my Aunt Myrtle’s recipe for Rich Sugar Cookies.

Alli and Bubba

"Miss Christmas" at work

Decorating tree

Christmas table

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