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Old World Santa

Little did I know that a glorious snow would be the start of my Magical Christmas week. I don’t think there is anything as delightful as watching the first flakes appear and then accumulate on the trees. With the many hundreds of trees here at Woodloft, in a very short time, it looks like a wonderland.

Woodloft trees

There was excitement in the air at the Roanoke Farmer’s Market today. Newscasters predicted a huge snowstorm starting in the early afternoon. After setting my booth up, I decided to browse in some of my favorite stores.

My first stop was Twist and Turns. They carry fabulous metal furniture as well as an eclectic blend of household accessories. At Christmastime the store is brimming full of gorgeous displays.

Twist and Turns president, Cynthia Gardner

Peacock feathered tree


One of many mantle displays

I then headed back to my booth. I passed Peggy, our market manager and full time baker. She was all ready for the predicted snow.

Market manager, Peggy

There were farmers selling wreaths everywhere!

Woods Farms

The Star Line, our new shuttle, was ready to bring visitors to the market. The shuttle service started only about a year ago. My friend, Christine, who is a lover of bus transportation would have appreciated riding this shuttle. She moved from the area a few years ago.

Star Line shuttle in front of historic City Market Building

Dana was at the market with her beautiful stained glass.


My friend Sue and her son Randy, stopped by to say hello.

Randy and Sue

Brian Seckinger with his photographs

When the snow started falling at about 2:00, I immediately headed home. Weather channels predicted a huge snowfall and they were absolutely right. So far Roanoke has accumulated about 16 inches. I live in a higher elevation and haven't been able to gauge exactly how deep Woodloft's snow actually is but it looks to be at least the predicted amount.

My car, B-Dazle, is almost all covered!

View from where I am posting

It is still snowing so I decided to use this quiet time to finish decorating Woodloft. I opened the Angel Treasure Box once again.

The stockings I hung are ones that I made for my children in the early 70’s. They show a little wear by this time but are still treasured. I made them from colored felt.

Children's Christmas stockings

There are so many fanciful stockings available now that I bought, instead of made, stockings for the grandchildren.

Beth's stocking

Marcy's stocking

Zack's stocking

Alli's stocking

This morning I miss not being able to sell on the market but the time will be well spent in finishing my decorating and getting ready for Christmas Eve. I’ll be back again tomorrow for a posting of some beautiful bottle decorations. The snowflake bottles present recycling at it's very best.

Evian snowflake bottle

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