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Goddess Magic Creams

In a previous blog post I jokingly said I feel like Madam Curie whenever I start to concoct my creams. As a sculptor, I never expected to be creating face and body creams but when I found some beautiful glass jars with lids, the inventive side of me kicked in.

Goddess Magic Cream with turquoise accents

I sculpted faces out of stoneware clay and added interesting embellishments to each jar. I experimented with various butters and oils and It took me over two years of research and development to finally decide my creams were worth selling.


I finally settled on almond oil, shea butter, bees wax, glycerin, silk protein, grapefruit seed extract, panthenol, essential lavender oil, emu oil and coconut oil. and water.

More ingredients

I heat the oils and butters until they are completely dissolved. I also heat the water. Next step is to whirl the mixture in a food processor set aside strictly for the creams. I first add the liquid ingredients and water, then slowly drizzle in the heated oils and butters.

Cream being heated

I place the cream in a freezer for about an hour. I then re-whip it in the processor until it becomes creamy and fluffy. This is probably the hardest part because everything I’ve done prior to this step depends on what the texture will be like. I was disappointed by a bad batch when I first started making the cream but seem to have perfected it now. The cream batches are now consistent.

Whipped cream

The one ingredient I am missing right now is the Holy Water that I collected from the sacred grotto of St. Bernadette from Lourdes, France. I brought the water back two and a half years ago and decided to add small portions of it to my cream. I am surprised that the water lasted so long! Now, I am out but have good news. A friend of mine is headed on a pilgrimage to Israel and has promised to bring me back Holy water from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, if that is possible. I guess the tradition of the Holy Water will live on when he returns in January.

Filled jars

Close-up of filled jar. Yum, it looks good enough to eat-but don't!

Large Cream Jar with amethyst

Turquoise jar with horse embellishment

Hematite Turtle and embellishments

Antique looking jewels

Brass and intricate beadwork

Antique beads

Antique broach placed on top of medium size jar

Refill jar

Labels and Scrolls awaiting the finished jars

Each cream comes with a scroll listing all the natural ingredients. If you’d like to purchase one of my jars of cream, just e-mail me and we can work out the details on availability and shipping. I just know you’ll love them. They also make fantastic gifts.

PS: It’s December 4th and my snapdragons and geraniums are still blooming! Maybe I won't need to purchase a poinsettia this year!



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