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Time to open the Christmas Angel Box.

One day, way back in about 1973, I found an enchanting pattern for Victorian dolls. Back then, patterns were sometimes placed in the inside sections of magazines. I can’t recall which magazine it actually was in but when I first saw them, I knew I wanted. to embroider a set of these delightful dolls. I turned them into tree ornaments for each of my children.

Embroidered Victorian ornaments, representing each of my children

Kelli's ornament

Charlie's ornament

Kirsten's ornament

Cam's ornament

I even embroidered the back side

These Victorian ornaments have been placed on our Christmas tree every year. I can’t even imagine decorating a tree without them. This year I had an idea as I took them out of the box I made for special ornaments.

Why not create another set for my grandchildren? Tightly woven off white material can be purchased from a fabric shop. Embroidery thread is also easily found in every color imaginable. Stamping was not heard of when I created the original dolls but now there are hundreds of exciting rubber stamps available. Stamps of children or adults, not necessarily Victorian this time, can be used with an ink stamping pad to create the base to embroider.

Linen fabric, rubber stamps, pad and embroidery thread.

The front and back can be stamped and sewn together and then embroidered.

I have started making the ornaments but it is doubtful I will finish them for this Christmas since there is so much yet to do.

There is something almost supernatural in the way the week before Christmas unfolds. Each year is magical in it’s own way. I hope to capture a bit of that enchantment to share with you. I know most are busy creating their own special Christmas but I hope you will visit me again in a few days for “The Magic of Christmas.”

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