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Mosaic lady, "Truthseeker"

As you can probably tell, I love to use faces in my art. I have spent much of my life drawing, sculpting, batiking, quilting frescoing and painting them. I am now in the process of learning how to mosaic faces. This I find very challenging.

Painted face, "Lady of the Labyrinth"

Quilted face, "Gypsy Woman Journal"

Batiked face

Large fresco titled "Angels of Love, Strength and Wisdom"

Smaller fresco face

While in Italy a few years ago, I took pictures of intriguing faces of all kinds that were hand crafted in mosaic.

I love the close-up of the eye

Many mosaics are placed above doors in Italy

This mosaic was located in an alcove

I viewed this one in Venice

I have purchased several books and I’m ready to give this a go. Unfortunately, I find that when I start new projects, I throw myself into them and I don’t complete just one. I find that I must make several. It’s sort of like I am hoping each one will be better and different and will lead me to a new series I can present to viewers at the market or my galleries. For awhile, Woodloft, my home, will be inundated with mosaic faces. Then, before long, I’ll be off on another tangent and creating a new series.

Glass nipper and stained glass

Sculpted face

Even though I love sculpting, making mosaic faces offers me a new and exciting challenge. I will be putting the clay down for awhile and throwing myself once again into glass!

I’ve got a good start on "Truthseeker." I’ll be sure to post a picture of my mosaic lady, when finished.

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