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Wayne's Lobster Ravioli

When a friend makes a trip to Maine you are happy for him. When he returns with a massive tub of lobsters, you are happy for you!

My friend, Wayne St. Clair is nostalgic for the town he lived in for over twenty years. As his plane descended and he caught a glimpse of Richmond Island and Crescent Beach, he knew he was back in his beloved Portland, Maine.

While he was there, he visited with old friends, wined and dined in his favorite restaurants, and was kind enough to bring me back some specialties from his favorite Italian grocery store. He actually found the 00Farina I had been searching for but could not find anywhere. I will use this special flour to try to duplicate the delicious lobster ravioli he made for us. I even ordered two new ravioli cutters straight from Italy in hopes of obtaining the perfect ravioli he served which were filled with fresh, succulent morsels of lobster, homemade ricotta cheese and tarragon. Wayne chose a yellow tomato sherry cream sauce for this delicacy.

Ravioli cutters from Italy

Although the gatherings Wayne hosts are spirited, they are also children and pet friendly. When Wayne was asked if he minded having a few young people attend his get-together, he said, “Gone are the days when a party of mine was no place for anyone under the age of consent, of course they are invited.” Below is a picture of Wayne and two colorful teenage guests. He is wearing his new kimono, purchased while in Portland.

Emily, Wayne and Kyla

I was delighted to visit with Mara Eve Robbins. Mara is a poet extraordinaire. Her poetry can be found in “Floyd County Moonshine”, a literary and arts magazine localized in Floyd, Virginia and the New River Valley. After reading a few of the moving poems and stories, I knew immediately that I wanted a subscription for this superior publication. For anyone who is interested, the address is Floyd County Moonshine, 720 Christiansburg Pike, Floyd, VA, 24091.

Mara Eve Robbins

Stephanie Crowder brought her unusual, yet delicious Curried Venison

Here's Mark with his arugula salad and toasted almonds, dried cherries and goat cheese

Stuffed Mussels

Jardinaire plate filled with Wayne’s own pickled and canned vegetables.

My Cheesecake Flan

Wayne is planning a mid winter French themed feast of Cassolette with Duck Confit. He has asked all of us to be thinking of something to accompany this French country meal. I understand that charcuterie plates are becoming the rage in many restaurants so I may try my hand at one of those or I may bring my Potato Boule Bread, which takes about two days to make. It’s enjoyable to get together with fellow foodies!

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