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Philosophy dolls

What is it about grown up women who sometimes revert to playing with dolls? Sometimes we purchase beautiful little dolls for our children or grandchildren and we assist them in their play. Occasionally, we help cut clothes out for their cut-out dolls. As a child, I loved cut-outs. I remember having hundreds of them spread out on the floor or bed. I would give each of them a life, sort of like practicing for what kind of life I would have as an adult. Often times they were doctors, nurses, or even housewives. I also used to pretend they were artists. I had little thought of becoming an artist at that time but as I moved into my teens, I knew that seemed to be the direction I was headed. Now, I think, breathe and live art and once in awhile it is just fun to play with dolls. Here are a few of the dolls I have been “playing with” lately.

“Mimsy” A fairy doll

It's hard to believe she started out this way isn't it?

Or that little Joggles once looked like this?


I have written some of my own philosophies and placed them on each doll

"Nina" doll

This little doll is supposed to be me! I used a small image of my face and printed it onto cloth. I then placed it onto the area where the face goes and added hair and other embellishments.

The good thing about a doll like this is that I can hang out just about anywhere and not feel the pain.

I can hang out on candles!

Close up of one of the philosophy captions

I’ve been thinking about adding doll making lessons to the sculpture class I’m having next summer. I might have a 2 or 3 day class for those who want to explore this medium. It is truly rewarding finding articles to attach to the dolls.

I placed wine corks on the feet of this doll to represent shoes..heaven knows, I have plenty of those around.

This doll’s legs are wrapped in beadwork.

There are many doll books and magazines around to help you get started

Why not take a day and just relax with a good doll book and see what develops. You may have a pleasant surprise.

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