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Eric Fitzpatrick

The Roanoke Farmers market was humming with activity last Saturday. Eric Fitzpatrick, a popular fine artist who lives in Roanoke, presented an on site class for several students. What a setting! There is a diversity of people and market attractions such as the kettle corn vendor, the homemade ice cream vendor, farmers, artists and historic buildings that the students were bound to find excellent subjects to paint.

Upside-Down Picnic

Eric's friend, Dave Urano, is getting ready for a wonderful picnic at Eric's house. Hope he likes his wine upside down! Eric is an artist after my own heart. He is not afraid to live his art. He and I both have what are probably the most unusual cars in all of Roanoke. We also believe in surrounding our homes with as much art as we can cram into them. And who wants usual cars and homes? Not artists!

Eric can be contacted at (540) 345-7887 or

Art demonstation

Saturday was also the day of the Center in the Square Gallery art demonstration. Several artists spent the day showing hundreds of people the method by which they create. Greg Ballou demonstrated his technique by bending, lifting and actually lying under his work as he assembled his mixed media paintings.

Greg Ballou

Sal Corral spent the day showing how he creates such bright, colorful paintings. He worked on an oversized canvas most of the day and amazed his viewers by allowing the images to come alive before their very eyes. Sal will be leaving soon for London, where he will continue his art studies.

Sal Corral

Janet Wimmer

Mary Tousman

I was there, too!

Merideth Entingh

Ric Stump

We have three new artists joining the gallery. Welcome Viki, Marie and Elane.

Viki Quinn with her sculpture "Penthouses In Who-Ville"

Marie Gobbie Levine

Elane Watson and founder of gallery, Deborah Goglia

Food was also plentiful on the market on Saturday. 202 Restaurant offered their “Sidewalk Paella” and Horizon restaurant presented their usual sumptuous lunch menu.

Lunch from Horizon restaurant

More good food with art will be available Thursday night when our gallery joins forces with several others in the area for the monthly “Art by Night.” Participants wander from one gallery to the other, enjoying great art and refreshments absolutely free. There is also a free limo provided for the evening. We look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday, September 3rd, from 5:00 – 9:00 PM. Gee, that's tomorrow night. I’d better start making the two cheesecake flans I'll be bringing! See you there!

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