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Herb stamp stationery-looks like a watercolor painting

I love the idea of using herbs and flowers as personal logos for my stationary. I am especially pleased that I can walk out into my garden here at Woodloft and collect my own herbs for this project. Now is a good time for harvesting special herbs, flowers or other patterned plants This idea comes from Laura Bethmann, author of Nature Printing with Herbs, Fruits and Flowers. Laura says, “The only materials required are a stamp pad and a leaf.”

Materials used for stamping

This is so very simple to do. This is a great project for the kids or grandkids to do. Lay a leaf with the underside down on a sponge stamp pad. You do this because the veins are more prevalent on the underside and will pick up the ink better. I used sage, parsley and geranium plants.

Leaf placed face up on sponge stamping pad

Next you use a piece of plastic wrap and press down with it till ink seems to be penetrating.

Ink filled leaf ready for stamping

Finally, you lift the leaf from the stamp pad and press onto the paper of your choice. You can use a newspaper for this. I think these are quite beautiful. They remind me of a lacy water color painting. It might be fun to try printing the leaves onto material. I’m not sure if the dye would take and I don’t think it would be washable.

Pressing the herbs onto stationery with newspaper

Looks just like a magical water color painting

I’ll be giving you more tips on what to do with your herbs now that it is early fall and they will soon be gone.

Addendum, December 2, 2009: Cory Trusty at Aquarian Bath ( is having a December "Blogparty" that included this post among the blog posts she wanted her readers to enjoy. Please click the preceding link to join in the party!

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  1. A beautiful result from a very simple project. Lovely!


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