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My Tea Inspiration From Trip To Morocco-"Tree Pots."

As many of you know, I just got back from Morocco a few weeks ago. There were so many levels in which I was inspired to create and I actually didn't think the mint tea would be my first inspiration. The Moroccan's favorite drink is mint tea. There were men and women selling mint at all the souks in the Medinas along the highways. One Moroccan told me that mint tea is a Moroccan’s scotch. They drink it at any time of day but especially love it after dinner to help prevent indigestion.

Tea Preparation-45 Minutes Required For A Good Tea

I learned that for a good tea, the Moroccans take 45 minutes to prepare. I had tea prepared for me several times and have to admit, they did take their time in getting it just right. The tea is brewed on a charcoal grill, allowed to steep for quite some time, strained and presented. Sometimes they even use bellows to keep the charcoal at just the right temperature.

Here Our Host Has Finished Pouring and Now Serves the Tea

After the Ceremony, The Tea Pot and Charcoal Burner are Placed Outside to Cool

As I Leave the Tinehir Oasis and Walk Along the Todra Gorge, I Notice Someone Has Placed A Small Rug and Tea Service for A Cool Respite at Foot of the Gorge. Tea Ceremonies Are an Important Part of Moroccan Life.

My first inspiration in creating art after being in Morocco are my new ‘Tree pots.” I have made several tea pots over the last few years. When my good customer, Alicea, asked me to create a teapot for her for a friend who loves trees, I immediately thought of making a ‘Tree-tea pot” Tea pots are difficult to do in the first place so in making one resembling a tree, I knew the challenge was on. It took quite a bit of time but I am very pleased with the way they turned out. I made 2 so that Alicea would have a choice, plus, I am never sure how tea pots will emerge from kiln. It could be Christmas or Halloween! In this case, it was Christmas. With spring and summer on the way, I know I will have plenty of mint and plan to brew some refreshing mint tea soon, although I don’t think I’ll brew for 45 minutes.

Tree Pot number 1-She is Approx 7"wide x 4" deep and 10" High. I Used Stoneware Clay and Fired Twice-Glaze is Food Safe. She is $110. I Am Pleased With Her Branch Handle.

Tree Pot number 2- Unique with Raku Candle Holder on Lid. She is approx 7" wide x 4" deep and 6" high. Also priced at $110.

One of my 'tree pots' will be for sale. If you are interested in either one, please e-mail me and I will let you know if she is still available. Alicea gets first choice.

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