Wednesday, April 5, 2017


This is The Relics of the Royal Stables, Originally Built To House 12,000 Royal Horses

It would be impossible to show and tell about all the exciting views and places my grandson, Zack and I saw while in Morocco. I am trying to give highlights but get carried away when I go to my pictures and remember the stories that went along with them. I want to tell you everything but you surely would be very bored having not been there. Many of my viewers are artists like myself and hopefully you will appreciate seeing the doors, arches and entryways all over the country. Here I have just touched on the gates to the old Medinas or old part of the cities, oppulent arches and doorways as well as humble abodes. Please feel free to repost or use any of the pictures as you would like. I believe Morocco should be shared. I wonder what treasures I would find If I opened any of these doors. Next post I will be showing the wonderful Moroccan people we met along the way. Please click once on any picture to enlarge.

Another View of Same Stable Arches

Opulence Inside of Mosque in Casablanca

Zack and I outside of Mosque in Casablanca-largest mosque in Morocco

Another Picture Inside The Mosque

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  1. I love doors an these surely open to magical places. Thanks for sharing. Bored? You think we might be bored? I am enchanted.

  2. I always photograph doors during my travels. I find them fascinating and enjoy reading adventures of fellow travelers. I too find myself getting too wordy in my blog, but we aren't twisting any arms to read them. It also is a great way to revisit my journeys. Thanks for sharing. I just recently started a blog.

  3. There seems to be something very special about the places you and Zack ventured. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful entryways and how exciting your travels.

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