Tuesday, March 7, 2017




I Am On The 4th Camel From The Left.

Here, Zack and I Finally Reach The Top Of One Of The Dunes to View The Sunset

My grandson, Zack, finished Virginia Tech and then Rice University in Texas. I treated him to what I thought would be a vacation to the exotic country of Morocco but what really happened was a real travel adventure into the timeless land of medinas, kasbahs, kahirs and sand dunes of the Sahara on camel. We traveled through the Middle Atlas and High Atlas Mountain ranges as well. I have so much to share with you that I’m including many pictures. Please feel free to copy and paste anything you would like to use in your artwork. Included in my Morocco blog series will be pictures of the many exotic and beautiful doors we passed as well as our trip to Rick's Cafe (identical to one in movie "Cassablanca") plus many other surprises.

I’m going to start with the highlight of my trip: A journey through the sand dunes of the Sahara by camel! To start with, anyone who knows me, knows I am afraid of big dogs. I’m ok with the small types but the big ones with big teeth frighten me. Who knows where it came from, maybe some childhood scare. For me to climb onto a camel and ride through the sand dunes was a surprise, especially to me.

Just as Lawrence of Arabia, All The Women In Our Group Had Our Heads Wrapped in The Traditional Style Getting Ready For Our Journey to The Dunes. I Am Shown Here With A Delightful Berber Who Approved The Scarf.

Ready For The Long Drive to The Camels And Dunes

We Stopped At A Berber Sheppard's Tent Who Was Friends With Our Guide And Approved The Visit

Here Zack Is In Front of the goat keep-I Think You Can Click On Any Picture To Enlarge

Can You Guess What This Is? It is A Goat Hide Hung On 3 Poles. It Is Filled With Milk, Which is Then Rocked Back and Forth Until It Turns Into Fermented Butter

Here We Take a Peek Into The Berber Family Tent

Our Camels Await Us

We Are Ready

My Camel-Abdulah

Zack With Arms Outstretched

My Camel, Abdulah, And I Take Lead Position on the way back down. I Took Lots of Chances Taking Pictures While Holding The Saddle Handle With Only One Hand. Got Lucky and Didn't Fall.

Me Holding the Golden Disc

Scarab-The First Live One I Have Ever Seen-It Brought Me Good Luck On My Camel Ride, As It Is Reputed To Do!

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  2. So how did you like the food? Morocco has one of the great cuisines of the Muslim world.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, they are wonderful - especially the ones of you and your grandson. And I love the one of you holding the sun. Awesome!

  4. OMGosh what a wonderful trip. Ohh the memories you two have. This is the nicest thing I have read about all week. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful experience and such great memories you and Zack will share.


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