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Every Spice Imaginable Is Sold In The Medinas. I Love The Way They Are Piled High

Second on my list of highlights during my trip to Morocco are the Medinas. What are Medinas exactly? Many of the cities in Morocco have a wall that surrounds the interior of the city, It is where the market vendors from time untold sell and sold their goods. We visited a goat market where goats are bartered and sold, a sheep and donkey area as well. (one of the female members of our group was offered 5,000 camels to her family if she would marry him!) Even before we entered the gates of each medina, we could smell the aroma of all of the meats, herbs, spices, leather and many unfamiliar scents as well. Zack and I visited the medinas of Rabat-capital of Morocco which lies on the Atlantic ocean-It is a fortified site. Tea leaves are a specialty there. ‘Mint tea is the Moroccan scotch’ as one Moroccan told me.

We walked through the Medina of Marrakesh-the ‘red city’ and Djemia El-Fna square. Fez had a large open market as did Casablanca, which means the ‘white house.’ We entered by the clock tower. Casablanca has the tallest mosque in the world which can be seen from the medina. This Certainly helps those who are lost find their way back out. So, sit back and enjoy your walk through ancient and present Moroccan Medinas. You will feel like you have gone back in time.

This Is A More Elaborate Way Some Of The Spices Are Sold

These Are The Largest Strawberries I Have Ever Seen

Goat Market Where Moroccans Barter and Buy Goats. There Are Sheep and Donkey Markets As Well

Zack and Friend, Sammi, Try Out A Popular Donut. It Tastes Like A Combination Donut and Pretzel

Camel Heads-I Could Not Even Look At That Booth But Zack Took Picture.

If You Felt Sorry For The Camels On The Dunes-Don't. They Have A Good Life Compared To This

Goat Heads

Work Donkeys Were Passing Us Constantly As we Strolled Through The Medina. When They Come Through, Someone Will Yell 'Balam'So We Know To Move To The Side

This Shows How Narrow and Crowded the Aisles Are-Not For The Claustrophobic

Herb Shop Within The Medina

Work Bike-One of Many Seen

Herbs Are Sold Everywhere-Especially Mint

Metal Lamps Are Very Popular In Homes and Hotels

Orange Cart-The Best Oranges I Have Ever Tasted-So Sweet

Here Some Moroccan Woman Rest From Shopping

I Found The Moroccan Woman To Have A Wonderful Sense Of Humor. This Woman Is Selling Her Peacocks

This Pretty Donkey Doesn't Look Like It Has Done A Days Work In Its Life

They Make A Special Sweet Bread And Set Up Work Stands Everywhere

We Passed By This Very Tiny Barbershop
Meat Sales Are Everywhere

This Man Is Washing Clothes

The Olives Were Absolutely Delicious!

This Is A Passageway To Homes Within The Medina. The Exterior Walls Are Painted Blue Because We Were Told It Repells Mosquitoes

Almonds Are Grown and Very Popular In Almond Delights Like The Almond Cookies We Ate. Very Rich

Soaps Sold For Dishes, Clothes and Skin

Food Is Cooked In Traditional Tagines-Many Are For Sale Everywhere

More Spices

Zack Standing By Copper Booth

And Yet More Spices

Each Medina Has A Unique Gate Entrance

We Had A Nice Lunch On Rooftop Restaurant at Medina in Marrakesh With Our Newfound Friends, Sammi and Her Mother Julie From England

Horse and Cart Ride Back To Hotel

Very Scenic and Peaceful Ride Back

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  1. Wowowowow! what a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. I can almost smell the aromas there.


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