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"Ottowoman" footstool

I watched someone converting plain footstools on TV one day. The designer referred to them as "ottomans." I wondered why they had to be called "ottoman." Why can’t they be called "ottowoman?" Anything as fancy and decorated as my footstool has to be female. I decorated the legs with various papers I applied with Modge Podge and added some tiles, too. I then gave it another protective coat of Modge Podge. For the cushion, I used upholstery remnants. If you decide to make an ottowoman for yourself, be sure to choose a footstool that is sturdy. You can always add extra padding if the top fabric appears flat.

Here is a sturdy footstool ready for embellishment

I finished the first ottowoman a few years ago. I had another one set aside, but could not find the appropriate material to use for a cover until I made my weekly trip to Happy’s Flea Market. I find the most amazing things at Happy’s. I came across a huge pile of cross-stitch backings in various stages of completion.

I love the vibrant colors in this backing

This one is nice too

And this one

I am wondering what my ottowoman will look like if I use all of the cross-stitch backings I found. It will be very colorful. I might paint the legs lime green or bright orange. I am wondering what I will use as embellishments to tie my theme together. Buttons? Gems? Beads?

I have a lot going on this week, but I hope to finish my new ottowoman next week. I’ll be sure to show you the result. Have fun trying one for yourself. It’s easy to do and very rewarding.

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  1. Um, they're called Ottomans because they orignate from the Ottoman empire not because they have anything to do with male or female gender, and in this instance the man in Ottoman is gender-neutral because it references a people, thats why its called Ottoman


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