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Large sculptural basket created by Cheryl Dolby

"Day after day, they toiled in the hot South American sun. Often times a group would gather to watch the weavers work. They seemed to be in perfect unison as they pulled and stretched the ribs and cane. Often they would receive looks of wonder but sometimes they would catch a glimpse of pity when the group would see the flax-torn hands and the sun-wrinkled skin.

"Their life was hard but in their hearts they were truly happy, for they were in tune to the world of work. They were free to travel into the land of creativity..a place unknown to the rest..A place where dreams are kept…"

From She Who Whispers

I love working with reed because it is such a sculptural material. It is very pliable and can be dyed beautiful shades of earthy colors. It is also extremely durable. I created this basket with six small figures posed as though they were doing the weaving. For the Indians, I used stoneware clay that I fired in my kiln. I dyed the reed and worked many long hours to make it appear sculptural. I then wrote the poem for the sculpture. It appears in my book, She Who Whispers.

Close up view

She Who Whispers can be purchased from my etsy shop.

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