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Finished Recycled Wine Bag

From the time I was a child, I believed in recycling. All the kids in my neighborhood used to take our ‘pop’ bottles back for a refund ( I think we got 2 cents!) There was a shop that took our aluminum foil for refund and of course milk bottles from our milkman etc. I try to remember now to take my own bags to the grocery store instead of using their plastic. Having just returned from Morocco, I was pleased to hear that plastic has been outlawed in the entire country.

I was tired of looking and stumbling over the huge stack of wine bags I had accumulated from my weekly trips to the grocery store. I racked my brain trying to think of some unique way to use them but finally decided to load them all in my car and take back to the store in hopes they would recycle them in some way. I was told that it was not their policy to accept wine bags back. So..they sat for a long time more and kept accumulating (I love my wine) until FINALLY I came up with a solution!

Stack of Bags That Accumulated

Selection of Bags Now Available for Chocolate Truffles, Wine, Bagettes, Vegetables Etc.

I cut a section from the middle of each bag and then added a copy of one of my paintings or sculptures to each bag along with one of the stories I write for each one. Viola! Now my customers will have a padded, insulated, sturdy waterproof and colorful tote in which to place their chocolate. The totes accomodated 6 bottles of wine and now will hold 4 plus the truffles, baguettes, and all sorts of other shopping needs. I am offering them this week at the market (while supply lasts) complimentary with the purchase of 3 boxes of my delicious chocolate truffles. Each box is only $6.00.

Inside Recycled Tote-Holds A Tremendous Amount of 'Stuff'

Hope to see anyone on my reader list one day at the Farmer’s Market in Roanoke, Va. I am usually there Saturdays and sometimes Fridays and Sundays-depending on weather. Booth 18. Please stop by for a sample of my dark chocolate truffles which include: Bailey’s Irish Cream and Salted Caramel, My homemade Kalua, Mayan, Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier and Orange extract from Morocco, to name a few…

Thanks for reading my blog posts. I appreciate you!

Cheryl-The Chocolate Queen

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