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Amphitrite left, Galene Right

I was delighted and surprised one day when a past customer and friend contacted me on Facebook. I remembered Maralynne had meticulous taste in her decorating and I was humbled years ago that she chose many of my sculptures to adorn her home. Maralynne saw the Sea Goddess I featured on my blog a few weeks ago and felt that a similar one might be perfect for her new home in Florida. Maralynne gave me specifics and I was up for the challenge since I knew she would be easy to work with and we would end up with gratifying results.

Amphitrite Left, Galene Right

I wanted to create a Sea Goddess that looked as though she was the very essence of the ocean. When I finished sculpting her, I named her Galene. In Greek mythology, Galene means Goddess of Calm Seas. I tried to infuse a serene and tranquil look in her eyes, as if she is gazing off into the ocean and remembering her beginnings.

Galene Front, Amphitrite Back

I was pleased with the results but I wanted to be sure Maralynne was happy and decided to give her a choice of another Goddess. Amphitrite was born. Amphitrite, in mythology, is the queen of the sea and wife of Poseidon. She is the female personification of the sea. I wanted to bestow her with a look and feel of one who rules the ocean and yet is humbled by it.


I gave both Goddesses white garments that billow and will match Maralynne’s dining room chairs and soft Florida light. I’ve added touches of purple and green and a smattering of turquoise, as Maralynne suggested. These items can be removed if desired. Both Goddesses are regal and render chic sophistication - just like Maralynne.


Since Maralynne will be seeing this post the same time as my readers, she will choose which Goddess will come to live with her. The other Goddess will then be for sale and placed on Etsy. If you are interested, please e-mail and I’ll let you know which Goddess she chooses. Goddess Galene is approx 25” h x 15"d x 15" wide. Goddess Amphitrite is approx 23" h x 25" w x 15" w. The billowing fabric can be expanded or contracted according to space. I created both with stoneware clay and of course love.



Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Oh Cher....these are both amazing. Having the soul of a mermaid myself, I must say that you have captured the pull and feel of the way the ocean makes a person feel. I have a feeling that Maralynne is going to have a very difficult time in choosing. ^_^

    Hugs (Happy Thanksgiving)

  2. I agree with Regina. They are both majestic. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Majestic and dreamy! So beautifully moving! xo

  4. Hi Cheryl! I only have one word, DIVINE! Another masterpiece :)

    Enjoy thanksgiving day!


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