Thursday, November 21, 2013




Front View

I almost always name the pieces that I create with tree bark, clay and all sorts of moss and woodsy items, “Grandmother Tree.” I’ve recently decided to use the same story but to give each ‘tree’ a Celtic Goddess name.

For my latest “Grandmother Tree” I decided on the name Druantia. She is celebrated at Beltane and given credit for the creation of the Celtic Tree Calendar-the Oghman. It is believed that Druantia had her origins in Gaul. The 'root' of her name drus, means ‘oak’, and she is associated with the Dryad. She also reigns as queen of the tree fairies. The Dryads were known to be protective of their native trees and believed, as do the followers of flower essences and nature spirits, that trees must be given respect and be thanked for anything taken from them such as acorns or tree branches.



The trees are alive! She wandered into the garden early one morning and she heard them speak to one another.. It was a language spoken on another another vibrational time frame. They spoke of healing with power and energy and of the relationship between energy and matter.

She was drawn to an ancient Chinese Elm and as she leaned her body next to the base, somehow she felt immersed in the tree and felt herself slip into the tree..was one with the tree and knew that she was the tree.....

~Cheryl Dolby~

Side View

I created Druantia with moss, driftwood, clay, feather, lotus pods and of course love, as is in all my pieces. She is 18” high and 9” deep and 8” wide and I have priced her at $225.00 If you are interested in purchasing her, I just placed her on Etsy, where you can also see more views or you can e-mail me directly.

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  1. She is a beauty Cher!!! I so love your stories that go with your pieces. It just makes them come that much more ALIVE!!!


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