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Sold. Thank you Lisa!

I had an idea concerning my new gypsy sculpture series. I decided to sculpt a gypsy out of clay, and then create a large gypsy painting that is identical to the sculpture. Well, as ideas sometimes go, this one is presenting some difficulties. I sold the first gypsy sculpture of Zigana, which I posted a few weeks ago. I already had started the painting but now must look at the picture I took to try to duplicate. After working on the painting these past weeks, I have decided instead, to try to create an ‘essence’ of the sculpture and not recreate an exact match.

Beginning of Oil Painting to Match Zigana-I've Got a Long Way To Go!

In the meantime, I sculpted my second gypsy in the series and will take a picture and enlarge her too just in case she sells. My goal is to create 10 large paintings. I always aim for the stars.

As in the case with a lot of artists, I am most inspired by the materials I find for my work. I had a beautiful old fragment of material that was hand crafted in India. Little glistening beads with purple filament kept calling to me saying, “please use me in one of your sculptures.” With that in hand and some other gypsy looking cloth, Ariel was created. I sculpted her of stoneware clay, fired her in the kiln and had a wonderful time dressing her. I used antique Native American trade beads called 'Christmas beads' and another antique strand from my stash.

View of Zigana I've Chosen To Paint

Just to get you in the gypsy frame of mind, I’m posting a video of some Gypsy Vardo Wagons. I think you’ll like the authentic music and wagons.

Back View of Ariel

Side View of Ariel

Full View of Ariel

Ariel is 23” high x 12" wide and 12"deep. I have priced her at $350. If you are interested in purchasing, you can preview more pictures of her on Etsy or contact me directly at my e-mail.

Here is her story:


Ribbons of light were drifting on the wings of the wind Cosmic rhythms beating unmercifully, began to reveal to her the secrets of her heart. She began to feel infinite love, wisdom and energy in the universe. She had finally connected with her higher self and she knew she was a radiant being, filled with light And love. She was Ariel, daughter of the moon and Goddess of flight.

~Cheryl Dolby~

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  1. i simply cannot believe all the beauty that comes out of YOU! just enjoyed this post immensely and as always, Cheryl! the clothes are exquisite and make your work seem so alive!

  2. wow Ariel is my new favourite, such wonderful colours you've clother her in, enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  3. I think this is my all-time favorite! Love her expression, colors - just stunning!

  4. I love Ariel. She is outstanding. Just so beautiful. About the roaster, yes I would imagine when one is using the roaster, the scent will fill up the yard and carry forth to other homes where they will be intoxicated by the scents. tee hee. Great work as always.:)

  5. Oh Cheryl Your Ariel is simply amazing and how you have adorned her and embellished her is truly beautiful!
    You are a great artist!
    Thank you for your lovely visit today!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    x Suzy

  6. Trish Nov 15, 2103 at 12:31
    WOW!! It is no wonder that Lisa grabbed Ariel! Ariel is a truely one gorgeous gypsy woman. I can see her setting next to the driver of that Vardo wagon.


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