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Full View of Warrior Woman Goddess Necklace

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When Europeans arrived on our continent, they were surprised that Indian women were not subservient to men. They were farmers and they entered into warfare. The tribes were matrilineal, meaning the people belonged to their mothers clans. I had the great pleasure of studying with one such woman; Bonnie Nampeyo. Please go to this blog post if you would like to read more.

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Two famous Indian women are Pocanhontas and Sacajawea but for both, their fame is based on their association with non-Indians. There are several whose warrior abilities stood on their own such as Crow warrior, Fallen Leaf. She was considered chief and sat in the council of the chiefs. Another great warrior was Blackfoot’s, Running Eagle. She prayed to the sun to give her power after her husband was killed and she led successful raids.

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Colestah fought at her husbands side. She was a medicine woman, warrior and psychic and helped to heal her husband of war wounds. Buffalo Calf Robe rode into battle with her husband, Black Coyate, as well and also rode into the middle of a battle to save her brother from death. In the battle where Custer was defeated, one who led the battle was a woman named Moving Robe. In the words of Lakota warrior, Rain-in-the-Face:

"Holding her brother's war staff over her head, and leaning forward upon her charger, she looked as pretty as a bird. Always when there is a woman in the charge, it causes the warriors to vie with one another in displaying their valor."

It is evident from the words of Rain-in-the-Face, that having a woman lead an attack was not unknown to Lakota warriors.

If you would like to read more about these brave Warrior Women you can go to this site from which I got some of my information.


When I found an interesting metal pendant several years ago, I knew if I waited long enough, I would find the perfect use for it. Sure enough. When I started thinking about women as warriors, I remembered the pendant and used it to create “Warrior Woman Goddess” She is 3” x by 8” including the warrior pendant drop and the chain is 11” from the top. I used one of my original clay faces along with antique pieces and turquoise. I have priced her at $115.00 You can view more images of her on Etsy or contact me by e-mail.

Thanks so much for reading and viewing my Warrior Woman. Warrior women exist today in every culture. I think we all know women who fit into that category.

Close-Up of Original Face

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  1. Cher..she is absolutely breathtaking. I love all the brave women you told us about here too. I plan on reading the sites you suggested too. It helps to bring some peace and confidence to my own soul when I read about other strong souls. Thank you.


  2. SIMPLY (: or not so simply:) this is unbelievable cheryl...i shall not touch it with words! your work bowls me over!

  3. Wonderful, symbolic piece Cheryl. I love her head-dress and how you've wrapped the beads around her head x

  4. Terrific necklace full of symbolism also love your Frida necklaces below..........magical work. xx

  5. Oh Cheryl you made it again!!!! I was not here for ages, am very busy working for the Christmas market......

  6. Trish
    Once again, you have created such a fabulous piece of art that can be worn or hung in a place of honor to be adored. As I am staring into her face and I can feel her strength of character flowing out of her.

  7. Fabulous piece, love it! Thank you for the information too...

  8. Oh; the details! This is gorgeous and so inspiring reading about her! Thank you! xxoo

  9. Wonderful stories of amazing women - (and I love particularly her turquoise head dress.

  10. Absolutely stunning- I love the use of turquoise around her face (hair or head dress ). She embodies strength and wisdom and I also love the size and presence of the piece- the wearer will really draw viewers to themselves!


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