Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Frida number 1

Sold. Thank you Ron

Right off the bat, I want to thank Francie of Art in the Hermitage, for suggesting that I create a Frida Goddess necklace. I thought about it and decided that since I’ve painted her so many times and even sculpted her, I could certainly turn her image into a necklace.
Frida necklaces number 1 and 2

Frida Shown On My Kitchen Wall

For those or you who don’t know who Frida is, you can visit my blog post called,Frida Kahlo. There I tell a bit about the life of this spicy Mexican icon. I tried to make the necklaces and pin as colorful as possible to reflect that life.

Since I think these are going to be pretty popular, I have made 2 necklaces and 1 pin for sale. I used a combination of antique flowers and junk jewelry for the base and old necklaces from India.
Frida number 1

I’ve combined old jewelry and new. Notice the antique flowers and the old flower button. She is 3"wx5”h with a 12" drop on the necklace. Price: $85.00
Shown On Mannequin
Frida number 2

I’ve also combined junk jewelry and antiques along with several antique flowers. The chain is from India. She is approximately 3"w x5”h with a drop of 14" Price $85.00
Shown on Wall in Kitchen
Frida Pin

I also combined old and new jewelry mixed in with some paper jewelry for my Frida pin. The back is mounted on antique brass. She is 2"w x3"h and is priced at $28.00

Sold. Thank you Beth!

Pictures of necklaces displayed on my kitchen wall are shown with flowers from Joe Light, otherwise known as Mr. Flower Power. Joe has continuous displays of gorgeous flowers and ornamentals all year long. His magnolia leaf wreaths are the hit of the Farmer’s Market in Roanoke, Virginia in December.

If you are interested In any of these pieces, please e-mail me Thank you for viewing.

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  1. Ceryl your Frida necklaces and Frida pin are so wonderful with all the great colors, it's really unique jewelry.
    Hugs Anni

  2. Oh, you have out done yourself!!!!!
    Bright and beautiful art work!!

  3. Wow, these necklaces are over the top!

  4. I am quite sure that Frida would love your 2 necklaces & 1 pin of her imagine. Lucky Beth getting the pin of Frida. I love the heavy dark brows on her! Yes, peggy gatto, Cheryl has out done herself this time. BRAVO!!!!
    Your avid fan, Trish

  5. YOU shall never cease to amaze me...talk about a CELEBRATION of BEAUTY...these are IT! xo

  6. I really enjoy and love the fact that your crafts are diverisfying. I love the necklaces. They are full of meaning, history and character for me Cheryl. Hope you are having a great week!

  7. Oh these Fridas have got to be my new favorites of your goddess necklaces- I am in love with them!

  8. Love them Cheryl! So beautiful and colourful x

  9. Oh; how beautiful your Fridas are! I love the idea of her on your wall, too. Gorgeous!!!

  10. Your Fridas are just perfect - you really captured the colour of her spirit!

  11. What a riot of colour - cheered up a grey November day here. Fabulous Cheryl.x

  12. Hi Cheryl, First let me appoligize for being away so long. Lifes been busy.
    Now have to say I Love all your new necklaces ,they are stunning and so unique. Congrats on all your sales already. Thats WONDERFUL!!!
    Hugs Lynn


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