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Sold. Thank you Wanda!

Unity Church has a special ceremony each New Year’s Eve. A large bowl is placed at the altar and each member of the church is asked to write down problems or vices they wish to annihilate from their lives.. It could be a wish to quit smoking or drinking. It might be a desire to loose weight or to quit any of a number of addictions. Each person places their list into the bowl and at midnight, the bowl is lit. Everyone watches as the fire burns away all the troubles.

There are many religions who also follow this principal. For example, the Chinese place problems in a boat and sail it off into the ocean.
Full View of Oceana

I thought it was a good idea to create small personal burning bowls. Even though I have made them for many years, I decided to shake them up a bit and sculpt the entire torso of my goddesses. The one I’m featuring today is one of my Oceana pieces. By this I mean that I have named her and given her the story of Oceana and of course embellished her with items from the sea.

As she was standing at the edge of the ocean she could hear the waves chanting their familiar song. “Come to me, I am greater than you, I am wiser than you..I am the one.” She resisted once again. How long could she continue to resist… How much longer before she embraced her larger self, her destiny, her soul… ..the sea….
~ Cheryl Dolby~
Close-Up of Stained Glass Basin

is created from Stoneware clay and stains. I fired her in the kiln which causes the glass I have placed in the basin of the bowl to melt. You can burn away your problems in this bowl and place a candle or incense in the bowl when not in use. She is 10”h x 6”w x 5”deep and I have priced her at $65. Please check out more views on Etsy or e-mail me if you decide you would like to have Oceana as your personal burning bowl. Thank you.
Side View

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  1. wow, loving Oceana, so many terrific details, a true work of art Cheryl. xx

  2. She is beautiful and look so much taller than 10". The melted glass is such a nice touch.

  3. EXQUISITE she is! and i love your writings and what a beautiful, wonderful ceremony cheryl. THIS must be something so special to watch with more than one in attendance...and then there is the beauty of being alone. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIFTS you bring to all of us! xo and here is a (secret smile ;)

  4. She is breath takingly gorgeous!!! I may not be able to live without her!

  5. Such a beautiful and meaningful piece, Cheryl! You truly very talented. :)

  6. This just takes me away!!! Oceana is beautiful! I love her and the melted glass IS amazing! Brilliant piece! xxoo

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  8. My Daughter is named Oceana, I would love an Oceana Goddess for her to burn away her woes, and make wishes for better days. Could you make another similar one, but fair haired like my daughter :)


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