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This is the second in my heavily textured encaustic wax collage series. I used oils for the face and crackled the surface of the collage. I crumpled tissue paper and immersed it into gel medium. I then spread the paper over much of the surface. I painted encaustic wax over some of the area. I did not iron it in, as I do my encaustic Gypsy Woman Journals. I was extremely happy with my collage, yet, something was missing. I decided to write one of my stories onto the lower part of the collage. One problem with that is the fact that no matter how hard I try, I cannot produce calligraphy-like handwriting. I even took a course on calligraphy. I bought all the pens, nibs etc. and practiced for an hour daily. It seemed to work fine for awhile and then, before long, I reverted back to my old chicken scratch. Even so, I decided to scratch out one of my stories from my book, She Who Whispers. Sometimes, when I view the collage with half open eyes, I actually see ancient script. As though the writing came from some secret society. (I’m laughing here a bit)

Close-up of The Unfolding

The story I told was of "The Unfolding". Just in case you can’t read it on my collage, (even when you double click it to enlarge) I’ve typed it in below.

"The Unfolding"

So long in the cocoon...and now she was to away ..because they had been called to the world, and she had been herself.....

Cheryl Dolby

Another view

I wrote "The Unfolding" with women in mind. Women who have given and given until they could give no more. When the child finally leaves the nest, you would hope the mother would be free. They have chosen their own lives now, away from her, away from home. This certainly isn’t true in all cases though. Many women must wait entire lifetimes for their freedom. It doesn’t always come from the child or children leaving either. Sometimes it is a divorce or even just a state of mind. We can choose to be free of the worries our children, and others, bestow upon us.

I am offering The Unfolding for just $200. She is 14"w x18"h by 1 1/4". I created her on canvas. I have just placed her on Etsy so that you can view her more clearly. She can be purchased there with the help of Paypal or alternately , she can be purchased directly from me. Just e-mail me. I take all of the major credit cards including Discover Card, checks or Money orders. Thank you.

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  1. Yet another wonderful piece, you are so prolific Cheryl. I enjoyed the meaning behind this one, it's very close to home at present! I really love the portraiture,and the symbolism of the butterflies. Thank you for explaining how you created her in so much detail, I find this fascinating.
    And I think you've done a great job withthe writing! I hope you and your family are having a very Happy Easter.

  2. Shes Stunning, so many great techniques with wonderful results. I had to laugh a bit as I have that same chicken scratch writing! I think its just the artist in us. LOL

  3. She is beautiful and so is the story!

  4. These are really spiritual pieces with a great depth to them. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. The unfolding is beautiful. I love the story behind it too

  6. This is so beautiful, love your work.

  7. This and your previous piece are gorgeous. You could write a great tutorial on all the techniques and art supplies you used on this one alone. I can't say enough about your paintings and your art. They are simply stunning.

  8. Hi Cheryl! This is just DIVINE! Wow, you are one talented lady!!! I love it. Now if only my paypal account had more in it than $13!!! Poor me.
    Ooo and I'm getting back to you on my Barter Circle blog too - I've just updated it with some explanantion as to how the circle works:
    Take a look at that. If you grab the black Barter Circle badge and put it up on your site, I will link your site/blog back here from mine. That way, people will know that you are up for bartering goods. Hope that makes sense? Of course, if you are not up for bartering, then just leave the badge off. Love all your gorgeous work, Cheryl!!!

  9. Cheryl, this piece is exquisite! It's chock full of luscious texture, images and symbolism. Gorgeous! Hugs, Terri xoxo

    PS - Yes, in the round robin that I'm part of, my original journal will come back to me, and I'll get to keep all of the fabulous art inside. :-)

  10. Powerful ! very powerful. Textural, deep, layered..just like us! I am so happy you crank the gypsy music..isn't it fabulous?! I worked on a mixed media piece yesterday with the full on gypsy tunes..hah!

  11. Wowowowow this is just another stunningly beautiful piece. It is said that when people draw or paint faces that we tend to draw ourselves. I see you in the painting.


  12. Your work is awesome. I love the texture and the layers. So much to see! I love the butterflies and flowers around her hair.

  13. Oh my goodness, this one is just beautiful Cheryl. Adding the words made it more perfect.

  14. This is so wonderful - I love the texture and earthiness to it. I admire your work with encaustic wax- wonderful and expressive medium!

  15. This is wonderful, I'm not sre how I missed when you first posted it, except that I've not been as regular in blogland with the kids home for Spring Break......I love all the texture, and the expression on her face is heavenly- the story and the story *behind* the story really speaks to me!

  16. Cheryl this is truly, truly beautiful - the girl and then all the elements that make it whole, wow ! I love it..
    I know where you are coming from with the writng, I hate to see my writing in my journals etc.... I like yours, funny how we are critical of our own huh!


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