Thursday, April 22, 2010



Fresco box, pallet knife oil painting thread box and antique pin cushion.

Look at this stash of old stamps! I found these at my local flea market, Happy’s. Closer observation shows you that most of the stamps are from the USA but there are quite a few from all over the world as well. This find threw my creative juices into high gear. I’m imagining all sorts of uses for them. Boxes, paintings, paper/cloth applications. The sky is the limit.

Vast array of stamps found at the flea market

I used my secco fresco technique that I call fres-gos on this box.

Fresco lid and stamp box

Mostly everything I find at the flea market and antique stores goes straight into my studio.

Here are 4 different storage containers that show off my special finds.

Fresgoed three drawer box

I found a “mood” disc that I attached to the top of this little box. I painted it and attached one of my original stoneware clay faces to it. It is perfect for current day stamps and If I place it just right, the sun comes in behind it and I am treated to a light show on my wall.

Close-up of stamp box

My father used to do a series of paintings by using his pallet knife. When he passed away I received literally dozens of his beautiful paintings. I took this small landscape painting and attached it to one of my boxes. I added ball feet and now use this for leftover thread. I always save my metallic and gold threads for future projects.

Pallet oil painting created by my father, James Galloway, for thread box

The Dysfunctional Family Calendar box is made of paper clay and lots of rustic pieces of fiber found in my studio.

Dysfunctional Calendar Lid

I’ve got many more storage containers that I’ll show at another time.

Maybe you have some unique storage system you’d like to share. Who needs Rubbermaid tubs when we can be creative!

Another note. The very old fashioned black pin cushion was one that my father made when he was in the 8th grade. When he passed away, my mother gave it to me. She knew how much l love old treasured pieces hand made by my father.

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  1. You are a true artist!!! I love what you transformed into something lovely to look at!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you do with the stamps too!

  3. Such things as these are so nice to see. I love unique containers of all kinds. I used to collect stamps as a kid, but collection got lost in a flood. So sad. I keep looking for special things like this at our flea markets. The hunt is part of the fun isn't it.

  4. Cheryl you are so clever and loved seeing the old stamps so much. What a find,enjoy.
    Great stash... : )
    Enjoy everything, flea market are so exciting !!
    I love your art work so much and your blog.
    Have a great day, Hugs Laura. xoxx

  5. Such wonderful creations and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those stamps!

  6. This is a fantasic post. I love the boxes, storage and the great stamp find.

  7. What amazing boxes- so beautiful (and useful)! Also aren't stamps wonderful - some are little works of art- I wonder what you will do with them!

  8. I love your beautiful boxes, they are amazing. Lots of great stamps, will be looking forward to see what you do with these.

  9. OMG! These sure beat the Rubbermaid containers by a hundred miles!!! They're gorgeous and creative and wonderful! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. Your art work makes the mundane unique and special,love your storage - practical and works of art at the same time - fabulous. And hey what an artist your dad was... and how special to have his work on display being used.... wonderful x

  11. There is nothing to compare to the thrill of the hunt when you find something really good. I don't even need to find a use for it, when having it is so much fun, LOL.

  12. These are so beautiful! Your studio must be an amazingly inspiring place to be- I wish I could visit it!

  13. What a lovely stampbox.... and the faces on the other boxes are also so lovely.....

  14. These pieces are just totally amazing. All of them but I specially like the three drawers. It must be such a joy to open them each time anew!

  15. Your Art is so beautiful!!! I love the stamp box :) Your art is so inspiring... sorry I have been away for so long! I really need to visit more often, as you touch my spirit when I see your work!
    I love your encaustic pieces too!!! Blessings and hugs


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