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Cheryl's Smoked Lemon Salmon Baguette

My recipes are original in the sense that some of them are so very old that I cannot remember where they came from. Some of my recipes, came from friends who scribbled down their versions, which always became my version much later since something was added or discarded. Some of my recipes were created by chef friends or recipes chefs of various restaurants were generous enough to give to me. I always seem to change those recipes with my trial and error technique which is also what I use in my artwork... I create the recipe and “Play it til it sings.”

This has got to be making you hungry!

The smoked salmon recipe is no exception. It had been in my “must make” file for over six years. I’m so glad I finally decided to try it. I have to say, this is one of the best, if not THE best hors d’oeuvre’s I’ve ever eaten. Of course, you have to love salmon to appreciate it.

Placed on tray I brought back from Cozumel

Here is the recipe. I just know you will love it. It is much easier than the long lasagna recipe I gave you a few weeks ago. You can make the salmon in the morning and assemble it about an hour before serving. I have to tell you, people taste one bite and their heads lean back and their eyes roll upward in a blissful state..seriously.

1/4 cup chopped green onions
1 T. olive oil (or more as needed)
2 t. chopped fresh dill plus some dried- several pinches?
1 1/2 T. fresh lemon juice or more.
1 t. black pepper
3/4 lb. cold smoked salmon, cut in thin strips
48 slices French baguette, toasted
fresh dill springs
1/2 cup Alouette cheese ( rind removed spreadable)

Combine all ingredients except the bread and cheese. Cover and chill.
Spread each toast slice with about 1 t. or more of the cheese. Top with about 1 T. salmon mixture or maybe more or less, depending on size of toast. Top with a sprig of dill.

Bon Appetito!

Lined up and ready to go

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  1. THis is my kind of recipe. I will definately make it but I think it will have to wait till I have guests over (which could be in June). This really looks yummy!

  2. Oh that sounds SO delicious! I will definitely be making it in the future!

  3. Delish!!! I am hugry...haven't had breakfast yet!

  4. I love salmon and this will be perfect for a party I'm throwing this Friday night. Thanks Cheryl! :)

  5. Look sooooo good. I think I will have to try this one.

  6. ummmm...ummmmmmmm looks so yummy!


  7. Cheryl I want to move to your house, just kidding.
    What a work of art this smoked salmon is !!
    It looks so yummy good.
    Thank you for sharing,so very nice.
    Enjoy your day.
    P.S. When you have time, love to see another of your style art paper dolls. Truly lovely art too. xoxx

  8. I love salmon, so maybe this weekend, it looks great and easy......

  9. Ummmm-Ummmm_UMMMM! This recipe sounds scrumptious, Cheryl! Don't you love finding old recipies?!? They're like "old friends". And, I must admit, I'm never one to leave a recipe alone. I always end up "tweeking" it! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  10. Trish says: OMG, is this what was at the Art by Night?????? If so, I must tell everyone: YOU MUST TRY this recipe!!!!!! It is way past decadent!!!

  11. oh, yum...it does sound good..... definitely one to try...

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