Thursday, March 11, 2010



Timekeeper box

I found the box I used for my Timekeeper fres-go tile at our local flea market, called, Happy’s. I get happy just thinking about that place. Usually I can find almost anything I need to complete one of my many art projects.

The box was filled with an antique set of alphabet stamps from a printing shop. The stamps were in perfect condition so I decided to leave them intact.

This box is such a great way to store stamps for artwork. I placed ball feet on it and gave it a light coat of acrylic paint. I left all the inside lettering just as it was. I used tiles in a mosaic fashion for the top along with the fres-go tile. To read more about those tiles I create just go to my posting of Oceana.

Antique alphabet box

I write stories for all of my artwork and include them in my book She Who Whispers. This is the story I have given to her:


There were three doors in her life. The
Doors of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Yesterday appeared to be only an illusion,
Tomorrow a vision. Both were vague and
Nebulas. Today was a place she could not
bear to be. The choice was at hand. The
Voice of intuition began to speak to her and
Somehow she knew in her heart that all time
Is simultaneous..the first cry also being the
Last..for there is only now. By dealing with life
In the present, she could begin to remove
some of the scars of the past and thus change
Her future...with a renewed sense of the
Importance of now..and a recharged inner
Essence..she entered the door of today..where
A new world awaited her.

~Cheryl Dolby~

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  1. What a great find Cheryl! Love the timekeeper.

  2. I wish we had such places to find things like that! Another wonderful piece of art. x

  3. Your Timekeeper box is wonderful and I LOVE the story that you have created for it. I'm actually copying it to post in my studio. Fabulous!

    (I too wish I had a place like your flea market - my kind of shopping!)


  4. wow what a treasure, we have problems here in NZ with antiques with the fact that our country is so young , nothing is very old, so a treasure like these stamps are amazing, I would just die if I ever found such a thing. I too am going to hang your poem on my wall if thats ok, its like you wrote it about me, and what i was going thru last year, I cysalised and withdrew fro the world and reemerged the best butterfly ever all from being present.
    beautiful world
    sheree xxx

  5. Beautiful, as always. We need to do Happy's together some time. I love that place.

  6. Cheryl what a find,looks fabulous.
    That is truly found treasure, Wow !!!!
    Have a fun time using those stamps.
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx

  7. Oh wow the story you have given for the Timekeeper is so beautiful! and so speaks to my heart in volumes! ( are you SURE you aren't living in there some place??lol) Have loads of fun with the stamps!
    Ma Fey

  8. Wonderful find, wonderful timekeeper box, wonderful images, wonderful story. Wonderful.

  9. This is lovely, she looks so pensive- perfect for your story.....

  10. What an awesome "find"! Love your timekeeper box, and your words are beautiful and true. Hugs, Terri xoxo

  11. Cheryl i just love your timekeeper!
    I'm going to write your words on my wall so i wont ever forget.
    Thank you.

  12. Thankyou everyone for the beautiful comments you made for this post. Timekeeper is probably my favorite, of all the stories I have written. It came from my heart. I have lived her life for sure.
    Please feel free to use my story in any way you would like. It is a gift.
    Cheryl~ Healingwoman

  13. I love this Cher....a timekeeper box!!! And your stories always enchant me.



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